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##    common/xmpp_stringprep.py
## Contributors for this file:
##    - Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##    - Nikos Kouremenos <kourem@gmail.com>
##    Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
##    Copyright (C) 2005 Gajim Team
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
## by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 only.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.

import sys, warnings

if sys.version_info < (2,3,2):
      import re

      class IDNA:
            dots = re.compile(u"[\u002E\u3002\uFF0E\uFF61]")
            def nameprep(self, label):
                  return label.lower()

      idna = IDNA()

      crippled = True

      warnings.warn("Accented and non-Western Jabber IDs will not be properly "
                          "case-folded with this version of Python, resulting in "
                          "incorrect protocol-level behavior.  It is strongly "
                          "recommended you upgrade to Python 2.3.2 or newer if you "
                          "intend to use Twisted's Jabber support.")

      import stringprep
      import unicodedata
      from encodings import idna

      crippled = False

del sys, warnings

00049 class ILookupTable:
      """ Interface for character lookup classes. """

00052       def lookup(self, c):
            """ Return whether character is in this table. """

00055 class IMappingTable:
      """ Interface for character mapping classes. """

00058       def map(self, c):
            """ Return mapping for character. """

class LookupTableFromFunction:

      __implements__ = ILookupTable

      def __init__(self, in_table_function):
            self.lookup = in_table_function

class LookupTable:

      __implements__ = ILookupTable

      def __init__(self, table):
            self._table = table

      def lookup(self, c):
            return c in self._table

class MappingTableFromFunction:

      __implements__ = IMappingTable

      def __init__(self, map_table_function):
            self.map = map_table_function

class EmptyMappingTable:
      __implements__ = IMappingTable

      def __init__(self, in_table_function):
            self._in_table_function = in_table_function

      def map(self, c):
            if self._in_table_function(c):
                  return None
                  return c

class Profile:
      def __init__(self, mappings=[],  normalize=True, prohibiteds=[],
                                 check_unassigneds=True, check_bidi=True):
            self.mappings = mappings
            self.normalize = normalize
            self.prohibiteds = prohibiteds
            self.do_check_unassigneds = check_unassigneds
            self.do_check_bidi = check_bidi

      def prepare(self, string):
            result = self.map(string)
            if self.normalize:
                  result = unicodedata.normalize("NFKC", result)
            if self.do_check_unassigneds:
            if self.do_check_bidi:
            return result

      def map(self, string):
            result = []

            for c in string:
                  result_c = c

                  for mapping in self.mappings:
                        result_c = mapping.map(c)
                        if result_c != c:

                  if result_c is not None:

            return u"".join(result)

      def check_prohibiteds(self, string):
            for c in string:
                  for table in self.prohibiteds:
                        if table.lookup(c):
                              raise UnicodeError, "Invalid character %s" % repr(c)

      def check_unassigneds(self, string):
            for c in string:
                  if stringprep.in_table_a1(c):
                        raise UnicodeError, "Unassigned code point %s" % repr(c)
      def check_bidirectionals(self, string):
            found_LCat = False
            found_RandALCat = False

            for c in string:
                  if stringprep.in_table_d1(c):
                        found_RandALCat = True
                  if stringprep.in_table_d2(c):
                        found_LCat = True

            if found_LCat and found_RandALCat:
                  raise UnicodeError, "Violation of BIDI Requirement 2"

            if found_RandALCat and not (stringprep.in_table_d1(string[0]) and
                  raise UnicodeError, "Violation of BIDI Requirement 3"

00163 class NamePrep:
      """ Implements preparation of internationalized domain names.

            This class implements preparing internationalized domain names using the
            rules defined in RFC 3491, section 4 (Conversion operations).

            We do not perform step 4 since we deal with unicode representations of
            domain names and do not convert from or to ASCII representations using
            punycode encoding. When such a conversion is needed, the L{idna} standard
            library provides the C{ToUnicode()} and C{ToASCII()} functions. Note that
            L{idna} itself assumes UseSTD3ASCIIRules to be false.

            The following steps are performed by C{prepare()}:

                  * Split the domain name in labels at the dots (RFC 3490, 3.1)
                  * Apply nameprep proper on each label (RFC 3491)
                  * Enforce the restrictions on ASCII characters in host names by
                        assuming STD3ASCIIRules to be true. (STD 3)
                  * Rejoin the labels using the label separator U+002E (full stop).

      # Prohibited characters.
      prohibiteds = [unichr(n) for n in range(0x00, 0x2c + 1) +
                                                         range(0x2e, 0x2f + 1) +
                                                         range(0x3a, 0x40 + 1) +
                                                         range(0x5b, 0x60 + 1) +
                                                         range(0x7b, 0x7f + 1) ]

      def prepare(self, string):
            result = []

            labels = idna.dots.split(string)

            if labels and len(labels[-1]) == 0:
                  trailing_dot = '.'
                  del labels[-1]
                  trailing_dot = ''

            for label in labels:

            return ".".join(result)+trailing_dot

      def check_prohibiteds(self, string):
            for c in string:
               if c in self.prohibiteds:
                     raise UnicodeError, "Invalid character %s" % repr(c)

      def nameprep(self, label):
            label = idna.nameprep(label)
            if label[0] == '-':
                  raise UnicodeError, "Invalid leading hyphen-minus"
            if label[-1] == '-':
                  raise UnicodeError, "Invalid trailing hyphen-minus"
            return label

if crippled:
      case_map = MappingTableFromFunction(lambda c: c.lower())
      nodeprep = Profile(mappings=[case_map],
                                 prohibiteds=[LookupTable([u' ', u'"', u'&', u"'", u'/',
                                                                         u':', u'<', u'>', u'@'])],

      resourceprep = Profile(normalize=False,
      C_11 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c11)
      C_12 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c12)
      C_21 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c21)
      C_22 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c22)
      C_3 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c3)
      C_4 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c4)
      C_5 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c5)
      C_6 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c6)
      C_7 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c7)
      C_8 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c8)
      C_9 = LookupTableFromFunction(stringprep.in_table_c9)

      B_1 = EmptyMappingTable(stringprep.in_table_b1)
      B_2 = MappingTableFromFunction(stringprep.map_table_b2)

      nodeprep = Profile(mappings=[B_1, B_2],
                                          prohibiteds=[C_11, C_12, C_21, C_22,
                                                                  C_3, C_4, C_5, C_6, C_7, C_8, C_9,
                                          LookupTable([u'"', u'&', u"'", u'/',
                                                                   u':', u'<', u'>', u'@'])])

      resourceprep = Profile(mappings=[B_1,],
                                                   prohibiteds=[C_12, C_21, C_22,
                                                                              C_3, C_4, C_5, C_6, C_7, C_8, C_9])

nameprep = NamePrep()

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