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##    remote_control.py
## Contributors for this file:
##    - Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##    - Nikos Kouremenos <kourem@gmail.com>
##    - Dimitur Kirov <dkirov@gmail.com>
##    - Andrew Sayman <lorien420@myrealbox.com>
## Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                         Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
## Copyright (C) 2005 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                    Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
##                    Nikos Kouremenos <nkour@jabber.org>
##                    Dimitur Kirov <dkirov@gmail.com>
##                    Travis Shirk <travis@pobox.com>
##                    Norman Rasmussen <norman@rasmussen.co.za>
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
## by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 only.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.

import gobject
import os

from common import gajim
from common import helpers
from time import time
from common import i18n
from dialogs import AddNewContactWindow
_ = i18n._

import dbus_support
if dbus_support.supported:
      import dbus
      if dbus_support.version >= (0, 41, 0):
            import dbus.service
            import dbus.glib # cause dbus 0.35+ doesn't return signal replies without it
            DbusPrototype = dbus.service.Object
      elif dbus_support.version >= (0, 20, 0):
            DbusPrototype = dbus.Object
      else: #dbus is not defined
            DbusPrototype = str 

INTERFACE = 'org.gajim.dbus.RemoteInterface'
OBJ_PATH = '/org/gajim/dbus/RemoteObject'
SERVICE = 'org.gajim.dbus'

# type mapping, it is different in each version
ident = lambda e: e
if dbus_support.version[1] >= 43:
      # in most cases it is a utf-8 string
      DBUS_STRING = dbus.String
      # general type (for use in dicts, 
      #   where all values should have the same type)
      DBUS_VARIANT = dbus.Variant
      DBUS_BOOLEAN = dbus.Boolean
      DBUS_DOUBLE = dbus.Double
      DBUS_INT32 = dbus.Int32
      # dictionary with string key and binary value
      DBUS_DICT_SV = lambda : dbus.Dictionary({}, signature="sv")
      # dictionary with string key and value
      DBUS_DICT_SS = lambda : dbus.Dictionary({}, signature="ss")
      # empty type
      DBUS_NONE = lambda : dbus.Variant(0)
else: # 33, 35, 36
      DBUS_DICT_SV = lambda : {}
      DBUS_DICT_SS = lambda : {}
      DBUS_STRING = lambda e: unicode(e).encode('utf-8')
      # this is the only way to return lists and dicts of mixed types
      DBUS_VARIANT = lambda e: (isinstance(e, (str, unicode)) and \
                                                DBUS_STRING(e)) or repr(e)
      DBUS_NONE = lambda : ''
      if dbus_support.version[1] >= 41: # 35, 36
            DBUS_BOOLEAN = dbus.Boolean
            DBUS_DOUBLE = dbus.Double
            DBUS_INT32 = dbus.Int32
      else: # 33
            DBUS_BOOLEAN = ident
            DBUS_INT32 = ident
            DBUS_DOUBLE = ident

STATUS_LIST = ['offline', 'connecting', 'online', 'chat', 'away', 'xa', 'dnd',

def get_dbus_struct(obj):
      ''' recursively go through all the items and replace
      them with their casted dbus equivalents
      if obj is None:
            return DBUS_NONE()
      if isinstance(obj, (unicode, str)):
            return DBUS_STRING(obj)
      if isinstance(obj, int):
            return DBUS_INT32(obj)
      if isinstance(obj, float):
            return DBUS_DOUBLE(obj)
      if isinstance(obj, bool):
            return DBUS_BOOLEAN(obj)
      if isinstance(obj, (list, tuple)):
            result = [DBUS_VARIANT(get_dbus_struct(i)) for i in obj]
            if result == []:
                  return DBUS_NONE()
            return result
      if isinstance(obj, dict):
            result = DBUS_DICT_SV()
            for key, value in obj.items():
                  result[DBUS_STRING(key)] = DBUS_VARIANT(get_dbus_struct(
            if result == {}:
                  return DBUS_NONE()
            return result
      # unknown type
      return DBUS_NONE() 

class Remote:
      def __init__(self):
            self.signal_object = None
            session_bus = dbus_support.session_bus.SessionBus()
            if dbus_support.version[1] >= 41:
                  service = dbus.service.BusName(SERVICE, bus=session_bus)
                  self.signal_object = SignalObject(service)
            elif dbus_support.version[1] <= 40 and dbus_support.version[1] >= 20:
                  service=dbus.Service(SERVICE, session_bus)
                  self.signal_object = SignalObject(service)

      def raise_signal(self, signal, arg):
            if self.signal_object:

00141 class SignalObject(DbusPrototype):
      ''' Local object definition for /org/gajim/dbus/RemoteObject. This doc must 
      not be visible, because the clients can access only the remote object. '''
      def __init__(self, service):
            self.first_show = True
            self.vcard_account = None

            # register our dbus API
            if dbus_support.version[1] >= 41:
                  DbusPrototype.__init__(self, service, OBJ_PATH)
            elif dbus_support.version[1] >= 30:
                  DbusPrototype.__init__(self, OBJ_PATH, service)
                  DbusPrototype.__init__(self, OBJ_PATH, service, 
                  [     self.toggle_roster_appearance,

00176       def raise_signal(self, signal, arg):
            ''' raise a signal, with a single string message '''
            from dbus import dbus_bindings
            message = dbus_bindings.Signal(OBJ_PATH, INTERFACE, signal)
            i = message.get_iter(True)
00184       def get_status(self, *args):
            '''get_status(account = None)
            returns status (show to be exact) which is the global one
            unless account is given'''
            account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)[0]
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            if not account:
                  # If user did not ask for account, returns the global status
                  return helpers.get_global_show()
            # return show for the given account
            index = gajim.connections[account].connected
            return DBUS_STRING(STATUS_LIST[index])
00197       def get_status_message(self, *args):
            '''get_status(account = None)
            returns status which is the global one
            unless account is given'''
            account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)[0]
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            if not account:
                  # If user did not ask for account, returns the global status
                  return str(helpers.get_global_status())
            # return show for the given account
            status = gajim.connections[account].status
            return DBUS_STRING(status)

00211       def get_account_and_contact(self, account, jid):
            ''' get the account (if not given) and contact instance from jid'''
            connected_account = None
            contact = None
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            # if there is only one account in roster, take it as default
            # if user did not ask for account
            if not account and len(accounts) == 1:
                  account = accounts[0]
            if account:
                  if gajim.connections[account].connected > 1: # account is connected
                        connected_account = account
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account,
                  for account in accounts:
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account,
                        if contact and gajim.connections[account].connected > 1:
                              # account is connected
                              connected_account = account
            if not contact:
                  contact = jid
            return connected_account, contact

00238       def send_file(self, *args):
            '''send_file(file_path, jid, account=None) 
            send file, located at 'file_path' to 'jid', using account 
            (optional) 'account' '''
            file_path, jid, account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 3)

            connected_account, contact = self.get_account_and_contact(account, jid)

            if connected_account:
                  if os.path.isfile(file_path): # is it file?
                              connected_account, contact, file_path)
                        return True
            return False

00253       def send_message(self, *args):
            ''' send_message(jid, message, keyID=None, account=None)
            send 'message' to 'jid', using account (optional) 'account'.
            if keyID is specified, encrypt the message with the pgp key '''
            jid, message, keyID, account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 4)
            if not jid or not message:
                  return None # or raise error
            if not keyID:
                  keyID = ''
            connected_account, contact = self.get_account_and_contact(account, jid)
            if connected_account:
                  connection = gajim.connections[connected_account]
                  res = connection.send_message(jid, message, keyID)
                  return True
            return False

00271       def open_chat(self, *args):
            ''' start_chat(jid, account=None) -> shows the tabbed window for new 
            message to 'jid', using account(optional) 'account' '''
            jid, account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 2)
            if not jid:
                  # FIXME: raise exception for missing argument (dbus0.35+)
                  return None
            if jid.startswith('xmpp:'):
                  jid = jid[5:] # len('xmpp:') = 5
            if account:
                  accounts = [account]
                  accounts = gajim.connections.keys()
                  if len(accounts) == 1:
                        account = accounts[0]
            connected_account = None
            first_connected_acct = None
            for acct in accounts:
                  if gajim.connections[acct].connected > 1: # account is  online
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(acct, jid)
                        if gajim.interface.msg_win_mgr.has_window(jid, acct):
                              connected_account = acct
                        # jid is in roster
                        elif contact:
                              connected_account = acct
                        # we send the message to jid not in roster, because account is
                        # specified, or there is only one account
                        elif account: 
                              connected_account = acct
                        elif first_connected_acct is None:
                              first_connected_acct = acct
            # if jid is not a conntact, open-chat with first connected account
            if connected_account is None and first_connected_acct:
                  connected_account = first_connected_acct
            if connected_account:
                  gajim.interface.roster.new_chat_from_jid(connected_account, jid)
                  # preserve the 'steal focus preservation'
                  win = gajim.interface.msg_win_mgr.get_window(jid, connected_account).window
                  if win.get_property('visible'):
                  return True
            return False
00319       def change_status(self, *args, **keywords):
            ''' change_status(status, message, account). account is optional -
            if not specified status is changed for all accounts. '''
            status, message, account = self._get_real_arguments(args, 3)
            if status not in ('offline', 'online', 'chat', 
                  'away', 'xa', 'dnd', 'invisible'):
                  # FIXME: raise exception for bad status (dbus0.35)
                  return None
            if account:
                  gobject.idle_add(gajim.interface.roster.send_status, account, 
                        status, message)
                  # account not specified, so change the status of all accounts
                  for acc in gajim.contacts.get_accounts():
                        gobject.idle_add(gajim.interface.roster.send_status, acc, 
                              status, message)
            return None
00337       def show_next_unread(self, *args):
            ''' Show the window(s) with next waiting messages in tabbed/group chats. '''
            #FIXME: when systray is disabled this method does nothing.
            if len(gajim.interface.systray.jids) != 0:
00343       def contact_info(self, *args):
            ''' get vcard info for a contact. Return cached value of the vcard.
            [jid] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            if not isinstance(jid, unicode):
                  jid = unicode(jid)
            if not jid:
                  # FIXME: raise exception for missing argument (0.3+)
                  return None
            cached_vcard = gajim.connections.values()[0].get_cached_vcard(jid)
            if cached_vcard:
                  return get_dbus_struct(cached_vcard)
            # return empty dict
            return DBUS_DICT_SV()
00360       def list_accounts(self, *args):
            ''' list register accounts '''
            result = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            if result and len(result) > 0:
                  result_array = []
                  for account in result:
                  return result_array
            return None
00370       def account_info(self, *args):
            ''' show info on account: resource, jid, nick, prio, message '''
            [for_account] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            if not gajim.connections.has_key(for_account):
                  # account is invalid
                  return None
            account = gajim.connections[for_account]
            result = DBUS_DICT_SS()
            index = account.connected
            result['status'] = DBUS_STRING(STATUS_LIST[index])
            result['name'] = DBUS_STRING(account.name)
            result['jid'] = DBUS_STRING(gajim.get_jid_from_account(account.name))
            result['message'] = DBUS_STRING(account.status)
            result['priority'] = DBUS_STRING(unicode(gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 
                                                account.name, 'priority')))
            result['resource'] = DBUS_STRING(unicode(gajim.config.get_per('accounts', 
                                                account.name, 'resource')))
            return result
00389       def list_contacts(self, *args):
            ''' list all contacts in the roster. If the first argument is specified,
            then return the contacts for the specified account '''
            [for_account] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            result = []
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            if len(accounts) == 0:
                  return None
            if for_account:
                  accounts_to_search = [for_account]
                  accounts_to_search = accounts
            for account in accounts_to_search:
                  if account in accounts:
                        for jid in gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account):
                              item = self._contacts_as_dbus_structure(
                                    gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, jid))
                              if item:
            # dbus 0.40 does not support return result as empty list
            if result == []:
                  return None
            return result
00413       def toggle_roster_appearance(self, *args):
            ''' shows/hides the roster window '''
            win = gajim.interface.roster.window
            if win.get_property('visible'):
                  # preserve the 'steal focus preservation'
                  if self._is_first():

      def prefs_list(self, *args):
            prefs_dict = DBUS_DICT_SS()
            def get_prefs(data, name, path, value):
                  if value is None:
                  key = ""
                  if path is not None:
                        for node in path:
                              key += node + "#"
                  key += name
                  prefs_dict[DBUS_STRING(key)] = DBUS_STRING(value[1])
            return prefs_dict
      def prefs_store(self, *args):
            except Exception, e:
                  return False
            return True
      def prefs_del(self, *args):
            [key] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            if not key:
                  return False
            key_path = key.split('#', 2)
            if len(key_path) != 3:
                  return False
            if key_path[2] == '*':
                  gajim.config.del_per(key_path[0], key_path[1])
                  gajim.config.del_per(key_path[0], key_path[1], key_path[2])
            return True
      def prefs_put(self, *args):
            [key] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            if not key:
                  return False
            key_path = key.split('#', 2)
            if len(key_path) < 3:
                  subname, value = key.split('=', 1)
                  gajim.config.set(subname, value)
                  return True
            subname, value = key_path[2].split('=', 1)
            gajim.config.set_per(key_path[0], key_path[1], subname, value)
            return True
      def add_contact(self, *args):
            [account] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 1)
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            if account in accounts:
                  return True
            return False
      def remove_contact(self, *args):
            [jid, account] = self._get_real_arguments(args, 2)
            accounts = gajim.contacts.get_accounts()
            # if there is only one account in roster, take it as default
            if account:
                  accounts = [account]
            contact_exists = False
            for account in accounts:
                  contacts = gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, jid)
                  if contacts:
                        for contact in contacts:
                              gajim.interface.roster.remove_contact(contact, account)
                        gajim.contacts.remove_jid(account, jid)
                        contact_exists = True
            return contact_exists
      def _is_first(self):
            if self.first_show:
                  self.first_show = False
                  return True
            return False

00505       def _get_real_arguments(self, args, desired_length):
            ''' extend, or descend the length of args to match desired_length 
            args = list(args)
            for i in range(len(args)):
                  if args[i]: 
                        args[i] = unicode(args[i])
                        args[i] = None
            if desired_length > 0:
                  args.extend([None] * (desired_length - len(args)))
                  args = args[:desired_length]
            return args
00519       def _contacts_as_dbus_structure(self, contacts):
            ''' get info from list of Contact objects and create dbus dict '''
            if not contacts:
                  return None
            prim_contact = None # primary contact
            for contact in contacts:
                  if prim_contact == None or contact.priority > prim_contact.priority:
                        prim_contact = contact
            contact_dict = DBUS_DICT_SV()
            contact_dict['name'] = DBUS_VARIANT(DBUS_STRING(prim_contact.name))
            contact_dict['show'] = DBUS_VARIANT(DBUS_STRING(prim_contact.show))
            contact_dict['jid'] = DBUS_VARIANT(DBUS_STRING(prim_contact.jid))
            if prim_contact.keyID:
                  keyID = None
                  if len(prim_contact.keyID) == 8:
                        keyID = prim_contact.keyID
                  elif len(prim_contact.keyID) == 16:
                        keyID = prim_contact.keyID[8:]
                  if keyID:
                        contact_dict['openpgp'] = keyID
            contact_dict['resources'] = []
            for contact in contacts:
                  resource_props = [DBUS_STRING(contact.resource), contact.priority, DBUS_STRING(contact.status)]
            contact_dict['resources'] = DBUS_VARIANT(contact_dict['resources'])
            return contact_dict

      def get_unread_msgs_number(self, *args):
            return str(gajim.interface.roster.nb_unread)

      if dbus_support.version[1] >= 30 and dbus_support.version[1] <= 40:
            method = dbus.method
            signal = dbus.signal
      elif dbus_support.version[1] >= 41:
            method = dbus.service.method
            signal = dbus.service.signal
      # prevent using decorators, because they are not supported 
      # on python < 2.4
      # FIXME: use decorators when python2.3 (and dbus 0.23) is OOOOOOLD
      toggle_roster_appearance = method(INTERFACE)(toggle_roster_appearance)
      list_contacts = method(INTERFACE)(list_contacts)
      list_accounts = method(INTERFACE)(list_accounts)
      show_next_unread = method(INTERFACE)(show_next_unread)
      change_status = method(INTERFACE)(change_status)
      open_chat = method(INTERFACE)(open_chat)
      contact_info = method(INTERFACE)(contact_info)
      send_message = method(INTERFACE)(send_message)
      send_file = method(INTERFACE)(send_file)
      prefs_list = method(INTERFACE)(prefs_list)
      prefs_put = method(INTERFACE)(prefs_put)
      prefs_del = method(INTERFACE)(prefs_del)
      prefs_store = method(INTERFACE)(prefs_store)
      remove_contact = method(INTERFACE)(remove_contact)
      add_contact = method(INTERFACE)(add_contact)
      get_status = method(INTERFACE)(get_status)
      get_status_message = method(INTERFACE)(get_status_message)
      account_info = method(INTERFACE)(account_info)
      get_unread_msgs_number = method(INTERFACE)(get_unread_msgs_number)

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