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exec python -OOt "$0" ${1+"$@"}
' '''
##    gajim.py
## Contributors for this file:
## - Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
## - Nikos Kouremenos <kourem@gmail.com>
## - Dimitur Kirov <dkirov@gmail.com>
## - Travis Shirk <travis@pobox.com>
## Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                         Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
## Copyright (C) 2005 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                    Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
##                    Nikos Kouremenos <nkour@jabber.org>
##                    Dimitur Kirov <dkirov@gmail.com>
##                    Travis Shirk <travis@pobox.com>
##                    Norman Rasmussen <norman@rasmussen.co.za>
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
## by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 only.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.

import sys
import os
import urllib

import message_control

from chat_control import ChatControlBase

from common import exceptions
from common import i18n
_ = i18n._

      import gtk
except RuntimeError, msg:
      if str(msg) == 'could not open display':
            print >> sys.stderr, _('Gajim needs Xserver to run. Quiting...')
pritext = ''
if gtk.pygtk_version < (2, 6, 0):
      pritext = _('Gajim needs PyGTK 2.6 or above')
      sectext = _('Gajim needs PyGTK 2.6 or above to run. Quiting...')
elif gtk.gtk_version < (2, 6, 0):
      pritext = _('Gajim needs GTK 2.6 or above')
      sectext = _('Gajim needs GTK 2.6 or above to run. Quiting...')

      import gtk.glade # check if user has libglade (in pygtk and in gtk)
except ImportError:
      pritext = _('GTK+ runtime is missing libglade support')
      if os.name == 'nt':
            sectext = _('Please remove your current GTK+ runtime and install the latest stable version from %s') % 'http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net'
            sectext = _('Please make sure that GTK+ and PyGTK have libglade support in your system.')

      from common import check_paths
except exceptions.PysqliteNotAvailable, e:
      pritext = _('Gajim needs PySQLite2 to run')
      sectext = str(e)

if pritext:
      dlg = gtk.MessageDialog(None, 
                        gtk.DIALOG_DESTROY_WITH_PARENT | gtk.DIALOG_MODAL,
                        gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR, gtk.BUTTONS_OK, message_format = pritext)


path = os.getcwd()
if '.svn' in os.listdir(path) or '_svn' in os.listdir(path):
      # import gtkexcepthook only for those that run svn
      # those than run with --verbose run from terminal so no need to care
      # about those
      import gtkexcepthook
del path

import gobject

import sre
import signal
import getopt
import time
import math

import gtkgui_helpers
import notify

import common.sleepy

from common.xmpp import idlequeue
from common import nslookup
from common import proxy65_manager
from common import socks5
from common import gajim
from common import helpers
from common import optparser

profile = ''
      opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'hvp:', ['help', 'verbose',
            'profile=', 'sm-config-prefix=', 'sm-client-id='])
except getopt.error, msg:
      print msg
      print 'for help use --help'
for o, a in opts:
      if o in ('-h', '--help'):
            print 'gajim [--help] [--verbose] [--profile name]'
      elif o in ('-v', '--verbose'):
            gajim.verbose = True
      elif o in ('-p', '--profile'): # gajim --profile name
            profile = a

config_filename = os.path.expanduser('~/.gajim/config')
if os.name == 'nt':
            # Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Gajim\logs
            config_filename = os.environ['appdata'] + '/Gajim/config'
      except KeyError:
            # win9x so ./config
            config_filename = 'config'

if profile:
      config_filename += '.%s' % profile

parser = optparser.OptionsParser(config_filename)

import roster_window
import systray
import dialogs
import vcard
import config

GTKGUI_GLADE = 'gtkgui.glade'

class MigrateCommand(nslookup.IdleCommand):
      def __init__(self, on_result):
            nslookup.IdleCommand.__init__(self, on_result)
            self.commandtimeout = 10 
      def _compose_command_args(self):
            return ['python', 'migrate_logs_to_dot9_db.py', 'dont_wait']
      def _return_result(self):
            print self.result
            if self.result_handler:
            self.result_handler = None

00166 class GlibIdleQueue(idlequeue.IdleQueue):
      Extends IdleQueue to use glib io_add_wath, instead of select/poll
      In another, `non gui' implementation of Gajim IdleQueue can be used safetly.
00171       def init_idle(self):
            ''' this method is called at the end of class constructor.
            Creates a dict, which maps file/pipe/sock descriptor to glib event id'''
            self.events = {}
            if gtk.pygtk_version >= (2, 8, 0):
                  # time() is already called in glib, we just get the last value 
                  # overrides IdleQueue.current_time()
                  self.current_time = lambda: gobject.get_current_time()
00180       def add_idle(self, fd, flags):
            ''' this method is called when we plug a new idle object.
            Start listening for events from fd
            res = gobject.io_add_watch(fd, flags, self.process_events, 
            # store the id of the watch, so that we can remove it on unplug
            self.events[fd] = res
00189       def remove_idle(self, fd):
            ''' this method is called when we unplug a new idle object.
            Stop listening for events from fd
      def process(self):
class Interface:
      def handle_event_roster(self, account, data):
            #('ROSTER', account, array)
            self.roster.fill_contacts_and_groups_dicts(data, account)
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('Roster', (account, data))

      def handle_event_warning(self, unused, data):
            #('WARNING', account, (title_text, section_text))
            dialogs.WarningDialog(data[0], data[1])

      def handle_event_error(self, unused, data):
            #('ERROR', account, (title_text, section_text))
            dialogs.ErrorDialog(data[0], data[1])

      def handle_event_information(self, unused, data):
            #('INFORMATION', account, (title_text, section_text))
            dialogs.InformationDialog(data[0], data[1])
      def handle_event_ask_new_nick(self, account, data):
            #('ASK_NEW_NICK', account, (room_jid, title_text, prompt_text, proposed_nick))
            room_jid = data[0]
            title = data[1]
            prompt = data[2]
            proposed_nick = data[3]
            gc_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(room_jid, account)
            if gc_control: # user may close the window before we are here
                  gc_control.show_change_nick_input_dialog(title, prompt, proposed_nick)

      def handle_event_http_auth(self, account, data):
            #('HTTP_AUTH', account, (method, url, transaction_id, iq_obj))
            def response(widget, account, iq_obj, answer):
                  gajim.connections[account].build_http_auth_answer(iq_obj, answer)

            self.dialog = dialogs.YesNoDialog(_('HTTP (%s) Authorization for %s (id: %s)') \
                  % (data[0], data[1], data[2]), _('Do you accept this request?'),
                  on_response_yes = (response, account, data[3], 'yes'),
                  on_response_no = (response, account, data[3], 'no'))

      def handle_event_error_answer(self, account, array):
            #('ERROR_ANSWER', account, (id, jid_from. errmsg, errcode))
            id, jid_from, errmsg, errcode = array
            if unicode(errcode) in ('403', '406') and id:
                  # show the error dialog
                  ft = self.instances['file_transfers']
                  sid = id
                  if len(id) > 3 and id[2] == '_':
                        sid = id[3:]
                  if ft.files_props['s'].has_key(sid):
                        file_props = ft.files_props['s'][sid]
                        file_props['error'] = -4
                              (jid_from, file_props))
                        conn = gajim.connections[account]
            elif unicode(errcode) == '404':
                  conn = gajim.connections[account]
                  sid = id
                  if len(id) > 3 and id[2] == '_':
                        sid = id[3:]
                  if conn.files_props.has_key(sid):
                        file_props = conn.files_props[sid]
                              (jid_from, file_props))
            ctrl = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid_from, account)
            if ctrl and ctrl.type_id == message_control.TYPE_GC:
                  ctrl.print_conversation('Error %s: %s' % (array[2], array[1]))

      def handle_event_con_type(self, account, con_type):
            # ('CON_TYPE', account, con_type) which can be 'ssl', 'tls', 'tcp'
            gajim.con_types[account] = con_type

      def unblock_signed_in_notifications(self, account):
            gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[account] = False

      def handle_event_status(self, account, status): # OUR status
            #('STATUS', account, status)
            model = self.roster.status_combobox.get_model()
            if status == 'offline':
                  # sensitivity for this menuitem
                  if gajim.get_number_of_connected_accounts() == 0:
                        model[self.roster.status_message_menuitem_iter][3] = False
                  gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[account] = True
                  # 30 seconds after we change our status to sth else than offline
                  # we stop blocking notifications of any kind
                  # this prevents from getting the roster items as 'just signed in'
                  # contacts. 30 seconds should be enough time
                  gobject.timeout_add(30000, self.unblock_signed_in_notifications, account)
                  # sensitivity for this menuitem
                  model[self.roster.status_message_menuitem_iter][3] = True

            # Inform all controls for this account of the connection state change
            for ctrl in self.msg_win_mgr.get_controls():
                  if ctrl.account == account:
                        if status == 'offline':
                              # Other code rejoins all GCs, so we don't do it here
                              if not ctrl.type_id == message_control.TYPE_GC:

            self.roster.on_status_changed(account, status)
            if account in self.show_vcard_when_connect:
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('AccountPresence', (status, account))
      def edit_own_details(self, account):
            jid = gajim.get_jid_from_account(account)
            if not self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(jid):
                  self.instances[account]['infos'][jid] = \
                        vcard.VcardWindow(jid, account, True)

      def handle_event_notify(self, account, array):
            # 'NOTIFY' (account, (jid, status, status message, resource, priority,
            # keyID, timestamp))
            # if we're here it means contact changed show
            statuss = ['offline', 'error', 'online', 'chat', 'away', 'xa', 'dnd',
            old_show = 0
            new_show = statuss.index(array[1])
            status_message = array[2]
            jid = array[0].split('/')[0]
            keyID = array[5]
            attached_keys = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account,
            if jid in attached_keys:
                  keyID = attached_keys[attached_keys.index(jid) + 1]
            resource = array[3]
            if not resource:
                  resource = ''
            priority = array[4]
            if gajim.jid_is_transport(jid):
                  # It must be an agent
                  ji = jid.replace('@', '')
                  ji = jid

            # Update contact
            jid_list = gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account)
            if ji in jid_list:
                  lcontact = gajim.contacts.get_contacts_from_jid(account, ji)
                  contact1 = None
                  resources = []
                  for c in lcontact:
                        if c.resource == resource:
                              contact1 = c
                  if contact1:
                        if contact1.show in statuss:
                              old_show = statuss.index(contact1.show)
                        if old_show == new_show and contact1.status == status_message and \
                              contact1.priority == priority: # no change
                        contact1 = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, ji)
                        if contact1.show in statuss:
                              old_show = statuss.index(contact1.show)
                        if (resources != [''] and (len(lcontact) != 1 or 
                              lcontact[0].show != 'offline')) and jid.find('@') > 0:
                              old_show = 0
                              contact1 = gajim.contacts.copy_contact(contact1)
                        contact1.resource = resource
                  if contact1.jid.find('@') > 0 and len(lcontact) == 1: # It's not an agent
                        if old_show == 0 and new_show > 1:
                              if not contact1.jid in gajim.newly_added[account]:
                              if contact1.jid in gajim.to_be_removed[account]:
                              gobject.timeout_add(5000, self.roster.remove_newly_added,
                                    contact1.jid, account)
                        elif old_show > 1 and new_show == 0 and gajim.connections[account].\
                              connected > 1:
                              if not contact1.jid in gajim.to_be_removed[account]:
                              if contact1.jid in gajim.newly_added[account]:
                              self.roster.draw_contact(contact1.jid, account)
                              gobject.timeout_add(5000, self.roster.really_remove_contact,
                                    contact1, account)
                  contact1.show = array[1]
                  contact1.status = status_message
                  contact1.priority = priority
                  contact1.keyID = keyID
                  timestamp = array[6]
                  if timestamp:
                        contact1.last_status_time = timestamp
                  elif not gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[account]:
                        # We're connected since more that 30 seconds
                        contact1.last_status_time = time.localtime()
            if gajim.jid_is_transport(jid):
                  # It must be an agent
                  if ji in jid_list:
                        # Update existing iter
                        self.roster.draw_contact(ji, account)
            elif jid == gajim.get_jid_from_account(account):
                  # It's another of our resources.  We don't need to see that!
            elif ji in jid_list:
                  # It isn't an agent
                  # reset chatstate if needed:
                  # (when contact signs out or has errors)
                  if array[1] in ('offline', 'error'):
                        contact1.our_chatstate = contact1.chatstate = \
                              contact1.composing_jep = None
                  self.roster.chg_contact_status(contact1, array[1], status_message,
                  # play sound
                  if old_show < 2 and new_show > 1:
                        if gajim.config.get_per('soundevents', 'contact_connected',
                              'enabled') and not gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[account]:
                        if not gajim.awaiting_events[account].has_key(jid) and \
                              gajim.config.get('notify_on_signin') and \
                              not gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[account]:
                              if helpers.allow_showing_notification(account):
                                    transport_name = gajim.get_transport_name_from_jid(jid)
                                    img = None
                                    if transport_name:
                                          img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'iconsets',
                                                'transports', transport_name, '48x48',
                                    if not img or not os.path.isfile(img):
                                          iconset = gajim.config.get('iconset')
                                          img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'iconsets',
                                                      iconset, '48x48', 'online.png')
                                    path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img,
                                          jid = jid, suffix = '_notif_size_colored.png')
                                    title = _('%(nickname)s Signed In') % \
                                          {'nickname': gajim.get_name_from_jid(account, jid)}
                                    text = ''
                                    if status_message:
                                          text = status_message
                                    notify.notify(_('Contact Signed In'), jid, account,
                                          path_to_image = path, title = title, text = text)

                        if self.remote_ctrl:
                                    (account, array))
                  elif old_show > 1 and new_show < 2:
                        if gajim.config.get_per('soundevents', 'contact_disconnected',
                        if not gajim.awaiting_events[account].has_key(jid) and \
                              if helpers.allow_showing_notification(account):
                                    transport_name = gajim.get_transport_name_from_jid(jid)
                                    img = None
                                    if transport_name:
                                          img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'iconsets',
                                                'transports', transport_name, '48x48',
                                    if not img or not os.path.isfile(img):
                                          iconset = gajim.config.get('iconset')
                                          img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'iconsets',
                                                      iconset, '48x48', 'offline.png')
                                    path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img,
                                          jid = jid, suffix = '_notif_size_bw.png')
                                    title = _('%(nickname)s Signed Out') % \
                                          {'nickname': gajim.get_name_from_jid(account, jid)}
                                    text = ''
                                    if status_message:
                                          text = status_message
                                    notify.notify(_('Contact Signed Out'), jid, account,
                                          path_to_image = path, title = title, text = text)

                        if self.remote_ctrl:
                              self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('ContactAbsence', (account, array))
                        # FIXME: stop non active file transfers
                  # FIXME: Msn transport (CMSN1.2.1 and PyMSN0.10) doesn't follow the JEP
                  # remove in 2007
                  # It's maybe a GC_NOTIFY (specialy for MSN gc)
                  self.handle_event_gc_notify(account, (jid, array[1], status_message,
                        array[3], None, None, None, None, None, None, None))

      def handle_event_msg(self, account, array):
            # 'MSG' (account, (jid, msg, time, encrypted, msg_type, subject,
            # chatstate))

            full_jid_with_resource = array[0]
            jid = gajim.get_jid_without_resource(full_jid_with_resource)
            resource = gajim.get_resource_from_jid(full_jid_with_resource)

            message = array[1]
            msg_type = array[4]
            chatstate = array[6]
            msg_id = array[7]
            composing_jep = array[8]
            if gajim.jid_is_transport(jid):
                  jid = jid.replace('@', '')

            groupchat_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid, account)
            pm = False
            if groupchat_control and groupchat_control.type_id == \
                  # It's a Private message
                  pm = True

            chat_control = None
            jid_of_control = full_jid_with_resource
            highest_contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(
                  account, jid)
            # Look for a chat control that has the given resource, or default to one
            # without resource
            ctrl = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(full_jid_with_resource, account)
            if ctrl:
                  chat_control = ctrl
            elif not pm and (not highest_contact or not highest_contact.resource):
                  # unknow contact or offline message
                  jid_of_control = jid
                  chat_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid, account)
            elif highest_contact and resource != highest_contact.resource:
                  jid_of_control = full_jid_with_resource
                  chat_control = None
            elif not pm:
                  jid_of_control = jid
                  chat_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid, account)

            # Handle chat states  
            contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, jid, resource)
            if contact and isinstance(contact, list):
                  contact = contact[0]
            if contact:
                  contact.composing_jep = composing_jep
                  if chat_control and chat_control.type_id == message_control.TYPE_CHAT:
                        if chatstate is not None:
                              # other peer sent us reply, so he supports jep85 or jep22
                              contact.chatstate = chatstate
                              if contact.our_chatstate == 'ask': # we were jep85 disco?
                                    contact.our_chatstate = 'active' # no more
                        elif contact.chatstate != 'active':
                              # got no valid jep85 answer, peer does not support it
                              contact.chatstate = False
                  elif chatstate == 'active':
                        # Brand new message, incoming.  
                        contact.our_chatstate = chatstate
                        contact.chatstate = chatstate
                        if msg_id: # Do not overwrite an existing msg_id with None
                              contact.msg_id = msg_id

            # THIS MUST BE AFTER chatstates handling
            # AND BEFORE playsound (else we here sounding on chatstates!)
            if not message: # empty message text

            first = False
            if not chat_control and not gajim.awaiting_events[account].has_key(
                  # It's a first message and not a Private Message
                  first = True

            if gajim.config.get_per('soundevents', 'first_message_received',
                  'enabled') and first:
            elif gajim.config.get_per('soundevents', 'next_message_received',

            if pm:
                  room_jid = jid
                  nick = resource
                  if first:
                        if gajim.config.get('notify_on_new_message') and \
                              room_name, t = gajim.get_room_name_and_server_from_room_jid(
                              img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                              path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                              title = _('New Private Message from room %s') % room_name
                              text = _('%(nickname)s: %(message)s') % {'nickname': nick,
                                    'message': message}
                              notify.notify(_('New Private Message'), full_jid_with_resource,
                                    account, 'pm', path_to_image = path, title = title,
                                    text = text)

                  groupchat_control.on_private_message(nick, message, array[2])
            # THIS HAS TO BE AFTER PM handling so we can get PMs
            if gajim.config.get('ignore_unknown_contacts') and \
                  not gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, jid):

            if first:
                  if gajim.config.get('notify_on_new_message') and \
                        text = message
                        if msg_type == 'normal': # single message
                              event_type = _('New Single Message')
                              img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                              title = _('New Single Message from %(nickname)s') % \
                                    {'nickname': gajim.get_name_from_jid(account, jid)}
                        else: # chat message
                              event_type = _('New Message')
                              img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                              title = _('New Message from %(nickname)s') % \
                                    {'nickname': gajim.get_name_from_jid(account, jid)}
                        path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                        notify.notify(event_type, jid_of_control, account, msg_type,
                              path_to_image = path, title = title, text = text)

            # array: (jid, msg, time, encrypted, msg_type, subject)
            self.roster.on_message(jid, message, array[2], account, array[3],
                  msg_type, array[5], resource, msg_id)
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('NewMessage', (account, array))

      def handle_event_msgerror(self, account, array):
            #'MSGERROR' (account, (jid, error_code, error_msg, msg, time))
            full_jid_with_resource = array[0]
            jids = full_jid_with_resource.split('/', 1)
            jid = jids[0]
            gcs = self.msg_win_mgr.get_controls(message_control.TYPE_GC)
            for gc_control in gcs:
                  if jid == gc_control.contact.jid:
                        if len(jids) > 1: # it's a pm
                              nick = jids[1]
                              if not self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(full_jid_with_resource, account):
                                    tv = gc_control.list_treeview
                                    model = tv.get_model()
                                    i = gc_control.get_contact_iter(nick)
                                    if i:
                                          show = model[i][3]
                                          show = 'offline'
                                    gc_c = gajim.contacts.create_gc_contact(room_jid = jid,
                                          name = nick, show = show)
                                    c = gajim.contacts.contact_from_gc_contact(gc_c)
                                    self.roster.new_chat(c, account, private_chat = True)
                              ctrl = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(full_jid_with_resource, account)
                              ctrl.print_conversation('Error %s: %s' % (array[1], array[2]),

                        gc_control.print_conversation('Error %s: %s' % (array[1], array[2]))
                        if gc_control.parent_win.get_active_jid() == jid:

            if gajim.jid_is_transport(jid):
                  jid = jid.replace('@', '')
            msg = array[2]
            if array[3]:
                  msg = _('error while sending %s ( %s )') % (array[3], msg)
            self.roster.on_message(jid, msg, array[4], account, \
      def handle_event_msgsent(self, account, array):
            #('MSGSENT', account, (jid, msg, keyID))
            msg = array[1]
            # do not play sound when standalone chatstate message (eg no msg)
            if msg and gajim.config.get_per('soundevents', 'message_sent', 'enabled'):
      def handle_event_subscribe(self, account, array):
            #('SUBSCRIBE', account, (jid, text))
            dialogs.SubscriptionRequestWindow(array[0], array[1], account)
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('Subscribe', (account, array))

      def handle_event_subscribed(self, account, array):
            #('SUBSCRIBED', account, (jid, resource))
            jid = array[0]
            if jid in gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account):
                  c = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, jid)
                  c.resource = array[1]
                  self.roster.remove_contact(c, account)
                  if _('Not in Roster') in c.groups:
                        c.groups.remove(_('Not in Roster'))
                  self.roster.add_contact_to_roster(c.jid, account)
                  keyID = ''
                  attached_keys = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account,
                  if jid in attached_keys:
                        keyID = attached_keys[attached_keys.index(jid) + 1]
                  name = jid.split('@', 1)[0]
                  name = name.split('%', 1)[0]
                  contact1 = gajim.contacts.create_contact(jid = jid, name = name,
                        groups = [], show = 'online', status = 'online',
                        ask = 'to', resource = array[1], keyID = keyID)
                  gajim.contacts.add_contact(account, contact1)
                  self.roster.add_contact_to_roster(jid, account)
            dialogs.InformationDialog(_('Authorization accepted'),
                        _('The contact "%s" has authorized you to see his or her status.')
                        % jid)
            if not gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account, 'dont_ack_subscription'):
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('Subscribed', (account, array))

      def handle_event_unsubscribed(self, account, jid):
            dialogs.InformationDialog(_('Contact "%s" removed subscription from you') % jid,
                        _('You will always see him or her as offline.'))
            # FIXME: Per RFC 3921, we can "deny" ack as well, but the GUI does not show deny
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('Unsubscribed', (account, jid))
      def handle_event_agent_info_error(self, account, agent):
            #('AGENT_ERROR_INFO', account, (agent))
            except AttributeError:
      def handle_event_agent_items_error(self, account, agent):
            #('AGENT_ERROR_INFO', account, (agent))
            except AttributeError:

      def handle_event_agent_removed(self, account, agent):
            # remove transport's contacts from treeview
            jid_list = gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account)
            for jid in jid_list:
                  if jid.endswith('@' + agent):
                        c = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, jid)
                              'Removing contact %s due to unregistered transport %s'\
                              % (jid, agent))
                        # Transport contacts can't have 2 resources
                        if c.jid in gajim.to_be_removed[account]:
                              # This way we'll really remove it
                        gajim.contacts.remove_jid(account, c.jid)
                        self.roster.remove_contact(c, account)

      def handle_event_register_agent_info(self, account, array):
            #('REGISTER_AGENT_INFO', account, (agent, infos, is_form))
            if array[1].has_key('instructions'):
                  config.ServiceRegistrationWindow(array[0], array[1], account,
                  dialogs.ErrorDialog(_('Contact with "%s" cannot be established'\
% array[0]), _('Check your connection or try again later.'))

      def handle_event_agent_info_items(self, account, array):
            #('AGENT_INFO_ITEMS', account, (agent, node, items))
                        array[1], array[2])
            except AttributeError:

      def handle_event_agent_info_info(self, account, array):
            #('AGENT_INFO_INFO', account, (agent, node, identities, features, data))
                        array[1], array[2], array[3], array[4])
            except AttributeError:

      def handle_event_acc_ok(self, account, array):
            #('ACC_OK', account, (config))
            if self.instances.has_key('account_creation_wizard'):

            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('NewAccount', (account, array))

      def handle_event_acc_not_ok(self, account, array):
            #('ACC_NOT_OK', account, (reason))
            if self.instances.has_key('account_creation_wizard'):

      def handle_event_quit(self, p1, p2):

      def handle_event_myvcard(self, account, array):
            nick = ''
            if array.has_key('NICKNAME'):
                  nick = array['NICKNAME']
                  if nick:
                        gajim.nicks[account] = nick
            if self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(array['jid']):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][array['jid']]
                  if account in self.show_vcard_when_connect:

      def handle_event_vcard(self, account, vcard):
            # ('VCARD', account, data)
            '''vcard holds the vcard data'''
            jid = vcard['jid']
            resource = ''
            if vcard.has_key('resource'):
                  resource = vcard['resource']
            # vcard window
            win = None
            if self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(jid):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][jid]
            elif resource and self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(
                  jid + '/' + resource):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][jid + '/' + resource]
            if win:

            # show avatar in chat
            win = None
            ctrl = None
            if resource and self.msg_win_mgr.has_window(
            jid + '/' + resource, account):
                  win = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(jid + '/' + resource,
                  ctrl = win.get_control(jid + '/' + resource, account)
            elif self.msg_win_mgr.has_window(jid, account):
                  win = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(jid, account)
                  ctrl = win.get_control(jid, account)
            if win and ctrl.type_id != message_control.TYPE_GC:

            # Show avatar in roster or gc_roster
            gc_ctrl = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid, account)
            if gc_ctrl and gc_ctrl.type_id == message_control.TYPE_GC:
                  self.roster.draw_avatar(jid, account)
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('VcardInfo', (account, vcard))

      def handle_event_last_status_time(self, account, array):
            # ('LAST_STATUS_TIME', account, (jid, resource, seconds, status))
            win = None
            if self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(array[0]):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][array[0]]
            elif self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(array[0] + '/' + array[1]):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][array[0] + '/' + array[1]]
            if win:
                  c = gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, array[0], array[1])
                  # c is a list when no resource is given. it probably means that contact
                  # is offline, so only on Contact instance
                  if isinstance(c, list):
                        c = c[0]
                  if c: # c can be none if it's a gc contact
                        c.last_status_time = time.localtime(time.time() - array[2])
                        if array[3]:
                              c.status = array[3]
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('LastStatusTime', (account, array))

      def handle_event_os_info(self, account, array):
            win = None
            if self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(array[0]):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][array[0]]
            elif self.instances[account]['infos'].has_key(array[0] + '/' + array[1]):
                  win = self.instances[account]['infos'][array[0] + '/' + array[1]]
            if win:
                  win.set_os_info(array[1], array[2], array[3])
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('OsInfo', (account, array))

      def handle_event_gc_notify(self, account, array):
            #'GC_NOTIFY' (account, (room_jid, show, status, nick,
            # role, affiliation, jid, reason, actor, statusCode, newNick))
            nick = array[3]
            if not nick:
            room_jid = array[0]
            fjid = room_jid + '/' + nick
            show = array[1]
            status = array[2]
            # print status in chat window and update status/GPG image
            if self.msg_win_mgr.has_window(fjid, account):
                  ctrl = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(fjid, account)
                  contact = ctrl.contact
                  contact.show = show
                  contact.status = status
                  uf_show = helpers.get_uf_show(show)
                  ctrl.print_conversation(_('%s is now %s (%s)') % (nick, uf_show, status),

            # Get the window and control for the updated status, this may be a PrivateChatControl
            control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(room_jid, account)
            if control:
                  control.chg_contact_status(nick, show, status, array[4], array[5], array[6],
                                    array[7], array[8], array[9], array[10])
                  # Find any PM chat through this room, and tell it to update.
                  pm_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(fjid, account)
                  if pm_control:
                  if self.remote_ctrl:
                        self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('GCPresence', (account, array))

      def handle_event_gc_msg(self, account, array):
            # ('GC_MSG', account, (jid, msg, time))
            jids = array[0].split('/', 1)
            room_jid = jids[0]
            gc_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(room_jid, account)
            if not gc_control:
            if len(jids) == 1:
                  # message from server
                  nick = ''
                  # message from someone
                  nick = jids[1]
            gc_control.on_message(nick, array[1], array[2])
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('GCMessage', (account, array))

      def handle_event_gc_subject(self, account, array):
            #('GC_SUBJECT', account, (jid, subject, body))
            jids = array[0].split('/', 1)
            jid = jids[0]
            gc_control = self.msg_win_mgr.get_control(jid, account)
            if not gc_control:
            # We can receive a subject with a body that contains "X has set the subject to Y" ...
            if array[2]:
            # ... Or the message comes from the occupant who set the subject
            elif len(jids) > 1:
                  gc_control.print_conversation('%s has set the subject to %s' % (jids[1], array[1]))

      def handle_event_gc_config(self, account, array):
            #('GC_CONFIG', account, (jid, config))  config is a dict
            jid = array[0].split('/')[0]
            if not self.instances[account]['gc_config'].has_key(jid):
                  self.instances[account]['gc_config'][jid] = \
                  config.GroupchatConfigWindow(account, jid, array[1])

      def handle_event_gc_affiliation(self, account, array):
            #('GC_AFFILIATION', account, (room_jid, affiliation, list)) list is list
            room_jid = array[0]
            if self.instances[account]['gc_config'].has_key(room_jid):
                        affiliation_list_received(array[1], array[2])

      def handle_event_gc_invitation(self, account, array):
            #('GC_INVITATION', (room_jid, jid_from, reason, password))
            jid = gajim.get_jid_without_resource(array[1])
            room_jid = array[0]
            if helpers.allow_popup_window(account) or not self.systray_enabled:
                  dialogs.InvitationReceivedDialog(account, room_jid, jid, array[3],

            self.add_event(account, jid, 'gc-invitation', (room_jid, array[2],

            if gajim.config.get('notify_on_new_message') and \
                  path = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(path)
                  event_type = _('Groupchat Invitation')
                  notify.notify(event_type, jid, account, 'gc-invitation', path,
                        event_type, room_jid)

      def handle_event_bad_passphrase(self, account, array):
            use_gpg_agent = gajim.config.get('use_gpg_agent')
            if use_gpg_agent:
            keyID = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account, 'keyid')
            dialogs.WarningDialog(_('Your passphrase is incorrect'),
                  _('You are currently connected without your OpenPGP key.'))

      def handle_event_roster_info(self, account, array):
            #('ROSTER_INFO', account, (jid, name, sub, ask, groups))
            jid = array[0]
            name = array[1]
            sub = array[2]
            ask = array[3]
            groups = array[4]
            contacts = gajim.contacts.get_contacts_from_jid(account, jid)
            # contact removes us.
            if (not sub or sub == 'none') and (not ask or ask == 'none') and \
            not name and not groups:
                  if contacts:
                        c = contacts[0]
                        self.roster.remove_contact(c, account)
                        gajim.contacts.remove_jid(account, jid)
                        if gajim.awaiting_events[account].has_key(c.jid):
                              keyID = ''
                              attached_keys = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account,
                              if jid in attached_keys:
                                    keyID = attached_keys[attached_keys.index(jid) + 1]
                              contact = gajim.contacts.create_contact(jid = c.jid,
                                    name = '', groups = [_('Not in Roster')],
                                    show = 'not in roster', status = '', sub = 'none',
                                    keyID = keyID)
                              gajim.contacts.add_contact(account, contact)
                              self.roster.add_contact_to_roster(contact.jid, account)
                        #FIXME if it was the only one in its group, remove the group
            elif not contacts:
                  if sub == 'remove':
                  # Add it to roster
                  contact = gajim.contacts.create_contact(jid = jid, name = name,
                  groups = groups, show = 'offline', sub = sub, ask = ask)
                  gajim.contacts.add_contact(account, contact)
                  self.roster.add_contact_to_roster(jid, account)
                  re_add = False
                  # if sub changed: remove and re-add, maybe observer status changed
                  if contacts[0].sub != sub:
                        self.roster.remove_contact(contacts[0], account)
                        re_add = True
                  for contact in contacts:
                        if not name:
                              name = ''
                        contact.name = name
                        contact.sub = sub
                        contact.ask = ask
                        if groups:
                              contact.groups = groups
                  if re_add:
                        self.roster.add_contact_to_roster(jid, account)
            self.roster.draw_contact(jid, account)
            if self.remote_ctrl:
                  self.remote_ctrl.raise_signal('RosterInfo', (account, array))

      def handle_event_bookmarks(self, account, bms):
            # ('BOOKMARKS', account, [{name,jid,autojoin,password,nick}, {}])
            # We received a bookmark item from the server (JEP48)
            # Auto join GC windows if neccessary
            self.roster.actions_menu_needs_rebuild = True
            invisible_show = gajim.SHOW_LIST.index('invisible')
            # do not autojoin if we are invisible
            if gajim.connections[account].connected == invisible_show:

            # join autojoinable rooms
            for bm in bms:
                  if bm['autojoin'] in ('1', 'true'):
                        self.roster.join_gc_room(account, bm['jid'], bm['nick'],
      def handle_event_file_send_error(self, account, array):
            jid = array[0]
            file_props = array[1]
            ft = self.instances['file_transfers']
            ft.set_status(file_props['type'], file_props['sid'], 'stop')

            if helpers.allow_popup_window(account):

            self.add_event(account, jid, 'file-send-error', file_props)

            if helpers.allow_showing_notification(account):
                  img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events', 'ft_error.png')
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                  event_type = _('File Transfer Error')
                  notify.notify(event_type, jid, account, 'file-send-error', path,
                        event_type, file_props['name'])

      def handle_event_gmail_notify(self, account, array):
            jid = array[0]
            gmail_new_messages = int(array[1])
            if gajim.config.get('notify_on_new_gmail_email'):
                  img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                        'single_msg_recv.png') #FIXME: find a better image
                  title = _('New E-mail on %(gmail_mail_address)s') % \
                        {'gmail_mail_address': jid}
                  text = i18n.ngettext('You have %d new E-mail message', 'You have %d new E-mail messages', gmail_new_messages, gmail_new_messages, gmail_new_messages)
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                  notify.notify(_('New E-mail'), jid, account, 'gmail',
                        path_to_image = path, title = title, text = text)

      def save_avatar_files(self, jid, photo_decoded, puny_nick = None):
            '''Save the decoded avatar to a separate file, and generate files for dbus notifications'''
            puny_jid = helpers.sanitize_filename(jid)
            path_to_file = os.path.join(gajim.AVATAR_PATH, puny_jid)
            if puny_nick:
                  path_to_file = os.path.join(path_to_file, puny_nick)
            # remove old avatars
            for typ in ('jpeg', 'png'):
                  path_to_original_file = path_to_file + '.' + typ
                  if os.path.isfile(path_to_original_file):
            pixbuf, typ = gtkgui_helpers.get_pixbuf_from_data(photo_decoded,
                  want_type = True)
            if pixbuf is None:
            if typ not in ('jpeg', 'png'):
                  gajim.log.debug('gtkpixbuf cannot save other than jpeg and png formats. saving %s\'avatar as png file (originaly %s)' % (jid, typ))
                  typ = 'png'
            path_to_original_file = path_to_file + '.' + typ
            pixbuf.save(path_to_original_file, typ)
            # Generate and save the resized, color avatar
            pixbuf = gtkgui_helpers.get_scaled_pixbuf(
                  gtkgui_helpers.get_pixbuf_from_data(photo_decoded), 'notification')
            if pixbuf:
                  path_to_normal_file = path_to_file + '_notif_size_colored.png'
                  pixbuf.save(path_to_normal_file, 'png')
                  # Generate and save the resized, black and white avatar
                  bwbuf = gtkgui_helpers.get_scaled_pixbuf(
                        gtkgui_helpers.make_pixbuf_grayscale(pixbuf), 'notification')
                  if bwbuf:
                        path_to_bw_file = path_to_file + '_notif_size_bw.png'
                        bwbuf.save(path_to_bw_file, 'png')

      def add_event(self, account, jid, typ, args):
            '''add an event to the awaiting_events var'''
            # We add it to the awaiting_events queue
            # Do we have a queue?
            jid = gajim.get_jid_without_resource(jid)
            qs = gajim.awaiting_events[account]
            no_queue = False
            if not qs.has_key(jid):
                  no_queue = True
                  qs[jid] = []
            qs[jid].append((typ, args))
            self.roster.nb_unread += 1

            if no_queue: # We didn't have a queue: we change icons
                  self.roster.draw_contact(jid, account)
            if self.systray_enabled:
                  self.systray.add_jid(jid, account, typ)

      def redraw_roster_systray(self, account, jid, typ = None):
            self.roster.nb_unread -= 1
            self.roster.draw_contact(jid, account)
            if self.systray_enabled:
                  self.systray.remove_jid(jid, account, typ)

      def remove_first_event(self, account, jid, typ = None):
            qs = gajim.awaiting_events[account]
            event = gajim.get_first_event(account, jid, typ)
            # Is it the last event?
            if not len(qs[jid]):
                  del qs[jid]
                  if not gajim.config.get('showoffline'):
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account,
                        self.roster.really_remove_contact(contact, account)
            self.redraw_roster_systray(account, jid, typ)

      def remove_event(self, account, jid, event):
            qs = gajim.awaiting_events[account]
            if not event in qs[jid]:
            # Is it the last event?
            if not len(qs[jid]):
                  del qs[jid]
                  if not gajim.config.get('showoffline'):
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account,
                        self.roster.really_remove_contact(contact, account)
            self.redraw_roster_systray(account, jid, event[0])

      def handle_event_file_request_error(self, account, array):
            jid = array[0]
            file_props = array[1]
            ft = self.instances['file_transfers']
            ft.set_status(file_props['type'], file_props['sid'], 'stop')
            errno = file_props['error']

            if helpers.allow_popup_window(account):
                  if errno in (-4, -5):
                        ft.show_stopped(jid, file_props)

            if errno in (-4, -5):
                  msg_type = 'file-error'
                  msg_type = 'file-request-error'

            self.add_event(account, jid, msg_type, file_props)

            if helpers.allow_showing_notification(account):
                  # check if we should be notified
                  img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events', 'ft_error.png')
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                  event_type = _('File Transfer Error')
                  notify.notify(event_type, jid, account, msg_type, path,
                        title = event_type, text = file_props['name'])

      def handle_event_file_request(self, account, array):
            jid = array[0]
            if jid not in gajim.contacts.get_jid_list(account):
            file_props = array[1]
            contact = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, jid)

            if helpers.allow_popup_window(account):
                  self.instances['file_transfers'].show_file_request(account, contact,

            self.add_event(account, jid, 'file-request', file_props)

            if helpers.allow_showing_notification(account):
                  img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events',
                  txt = _('%s wants to send you a file.') % gajim.get_name_from_jid(account, jid)
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                  event_type = _('File Transfer Request')
                  notify.notify(event_type, jid, account, 'file-request',
                        path_to_image = path, title = event_type, text = txt)

      def handle_event_file_progress(self, account, file_props):
                  file_props['sid'], file_props['received-len'])
      def handle_event_file_rcv_completed(self, account, file_props):
            ft = self.instances['file_transfers']
            if file_props['error'] == 0:
                  ft.set_progress(file_props['type'], file_props['sid'], 
                  ft.set_status(file_props['type'], file_props['sid'], 'stop')
            if file_props.has_key('stalled') and file_props['stalled'] or \
                  file_props.has_key('paused') and file_props['paused']:
            if file_props['type'] == 'r': # we receive a file
                  jid = unicode(file_props['sender'])
            else: # we send a file
                  jid = unicode(file_props['receiver'])

            if helpers.allow_popup_window(account):
                  if file_props['error'] == 0:
                        if gajim.config.get('notify_on_file_complete'):
                              ft.show_completed(jid, file_props)
                  elif file_props['error'] == -1:
                        ft.show_stopped(jid, file_props)

            msg_type = ''
            event_type = ''
            if file_props['error'] == 0 and gajim.config.get('notify_on_file_complete'):
                  msg_type = 'file-completed'
                  event_type = _('File Transfer Completed')
            elif file_props['error'] == -1:
                  msg_type = 'file-stopped'
                  event_type = _('File Transfer Stopped')
            if event_type == '': 
                  # FIXME: ugly workaround (this can happen Gajim sent, Gaim recvs)
                  # this should never happen but it does. see process_result() in socks5.py
                  # who calls this func (sth is really wrong unless this func is also registered
                  # as progress_cb

            if msg_type:
                  self.add_event(account, jid, msg_type, file_props)
            if file_props is not None:
                  if file_props['type'] == 'r':
                        # get the name of the sender, as it is in the roster
                        sender = unicode(file_props['sender']).split('/')[0]
                        name = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account,
                        filename = os.path.basename(file_props['file-name'])
                        if event_type == _('File Transfer Completed'):
                              txt = _('You successfully received %(filename)s from %(name)s.')\
                                    % {'filename': filename, 'name': name}
                              img = 'ft_done.png'
                        else: # ft stopped
                              txt = _('File transfer of %(filename)s from %(name)s stopped.')\
                                    % {'filename': filename, 'name': name}
                              img = 'ft_stopped.png'
                        receiver = file_props['receiver']
                        if hasattr(receiver, 'jid'):
                              receiver = receiver.jid
                        receiver = receiver.split('/')[0]
                        # get the name of the contact, as it is in the roster
                        name = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account,
                        filename = os.path.basename(file_props['file-name'])
                        if event_type == _('File Transfer Completed'):
                              txt = _('You successfully sent %(filename)s to %(name)s.')\
                                    % {'filename': filename, 'name': name}
                              img = 'ft_done.png'
                        else: # ft stopped
                              txt = _('File transfer of %(filename)s to %(name)s stopped.')\
                                    % {'filename': filename, 'name': name}
                              img = 'ft_stopped.png'
                  img = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps', 'events', img)
                  path = gtkgui_helpers.get_path_to_generic_or_avatar(img)
                  txt = ''

            if gajim.config.get('notify_on_file_complete') and \
                  (gajim.config.get('autopopupaway') or \
                  gajim.connections[account].connected in (2, 3)):
                  # we want to be notified and we are online/chat or we don't mind
                  # bugged when away/na/busy
                  notify.notify(event_type, jid, account, msg_type, path_to_image = path,
                        title = event_type, text = txt)

      def handle_event_stanza_arrived(self, account, stanza):
            if not self.instances.has_key(account):
            if self.instances[account].has_key('xml_console'):
                  self.instances[account]['xml_console'].print_stanza(stanza, 'incoming')

      def handle_event_stanza_sent(self, account, stanza):
            if not self.instances.has_key(account):
            if self.instances[account].has_key('xml_console'):
                  self.instances[account]['xml_console'].print_stanza(stanza, 'outgoing')

      def handle_event_vcard_published(self, account, array):
            dialogs.InformationDialog(_('vCard publication succeeded'), _('Your personal information has been published successfully.'))
            for gc_control in self.msg_win_mgr.get_controls(message_control.TYPE_GC):
                  if gc_control.account == account:
                        show = gajim.SHOW_LIST[gajim.connections[account].connected]
                        status = gajim.connections[account].status
                              gc_control.room_jid, show, status)

      def handle_event_vcard_not_published(self, account, array):
            dialogs.InformationDialog(_('vCard publication failed'), _('There was an error while publishing your personal information, try again later.'))

      def handle_event_signed_in(self, account, empty):
            '''SIGNED_IN event is emitted when we sign in, so handle it'''
            self.roster.actions_menu_needs_rebuild = True
            if gajim.interface.sleeper.getState() != common.sleepy.STATE_UNKNOWN and \
            gajim.connections[account].connected in (2, 3):
                  # we go online or free for chat, so we activate auto status
                  gajim.sleeper_state[account] = 'online'
                  gajim.sleeper_state[account] = 'off'
            invisible_show = gajim.SHOW_LIST.index('invisible')
            # We cannot join rooms if we are invisible
            if gajim.connections[account].connected == invisible_show:
            # join already open groupchats
            for gc_control in self.msg_win_mgr.get_controls(message_control.TYPE_GC):
                  if account != gc_control.account:
                  room_jid = gc_control.room_jid
                  if gajim.gc_connected[account].has_key(room_jid) and\
                  room, server = gajim.get_room_name_and_server_from_room_jid(room_jid)
                  nick = gc_control.nick
                  password = ''
                  if gajim.gc_passwords.has_key(room_jid):
                        password = gajim.gc_passwords[room_jid]
                  gajim.connections[account].join_gc(nick, room, server, password)

      def handle_event_metacontacts(self, account, tags_list):
            gajim.contacts.define_metacontacts(account, tags_list)

      def read_sleepy(self):  
            '''Check idle status and change that status if needed'''
            if not self.sleeper.poll():
                  # idle detection is not supported in that OS
                  return False # stop looping in vain
            state = self.sleeper.getState()
            for account in gajim.connections:
                  if not gajim.sleeper_state.has_key(account) or \
                              not gajim.sleeper_state[account]:
                  if state == common.sleepy.STATE_AWAKE and \
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] in ('autoaway', 'autoxa'):
                        #we go online
                        self.roster.send_status(account, 'online',
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] = 'online'
                  elif state == common.sleepy.STATE_AWAY and \
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] == 'online' and \
                        #we save out online status
                        gajim.status_before_autoaway[account] = \
                        #we go away (no auto status) [we pass True to auto param]
                        self.roster.send_status(account, 'away',
                              gajim.config.get('autoaway_message'), auto=True)
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] = 'autoaway'
                  elif state == common.sleepy.STATE_XA and (\
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] == 'autoaway' or \
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] == 'online') and \
                        #we go extended away [we pass True to auto param]
                        self.roster.send_status(account, 'xa',
                              gajim.config.get('autoxa_message'), auto=True)
                        gajim.sleeper_state[account] = 'autoxa'
            return True # renew timeout (loop for ever)

      def autoconnect(self):
            '''auto connect at startup'''
            ask_message = False
            for a in gajim.connections:
                  if gajim.config.get_per('accounts', a, 'autoconnect'):
                        ask_message = True
            if ask_message:
                  message = self.roster.get_status_message('online')
                  if message == None:
                  for a in gajim.connections:
                        if gajim.config.get_per('accounts', a, 'autoconnect'):
                              self.roster.send_status(a, 'online', message)
            return False

      def show_systray(self):
            self.systray_enabled = True

      def hide_systray(self):
            self.systray_enabled = False
      def image_is_ok(self, image):
            if not os.path.exists(image):
                  return False
            img = gtk.Image()
                  return False
            t = img.get_storage_type()
            if t != gtk.IMAGE_PIXBUF and t != gtk.IMAGE_ANIMATION:
                  return False
            return True
      def make_regexps(self):
            # regexp meta characters are:  . ^ $ * + ? { } [ ] \ | ( )
            # one escapes the metachars with \
            # \S matches anything but ' ' '\t' '\n' '\r' '\f' and '\v'
            # \s matches any whitespace character
            # \w any alphanumeric character
            # \W any non-alphanumeric character
            # \b means word boundary. This is a zero-width assertion that
            #                             matches only at the beginning or end of a word.
            # ^ matches at the beginning of lines
            # * means 0 or more times
            # + means 1 or more times
            # ? means 0 or 1 time
            # | means or
            # [^*] anything but '*'   (inside [] you don't have to escape metachars)
            # [^\s*] anything but whitespaces and '*'
            # (?<!\S) is a one char lookbehind assertion and asks for any leading whitespace
            # and mathces beginning of lines so we have correct formatting detection
            # even if the the text is just '*foo*'
            # (?!\S) is the same thing but it's a lookahead assertion
            # \S*[^\s\W] --> in the matching string don't match ? or ) etc.. if at the end
            # so http://be) will match http://be and http://be)be) will match http://be)be

            prefixes = (r'http://', r'https://', r'gopher://', r'news://', r'ftp://', 
                  r'ed2k://', r'irc://', r'magnet:', r'sip:', r'www\.', r'ftp\.')
            # NOTE: it's ok to catch www.gr such stuff exist!
            #FIXME: recognize xmpp: and treat it specially
            prefix_pattern = ''
            for prefix in prefixes:
                  prefix_pattern += prefix + '|'
            prefix_pattern = prefix_pattern[:-1] # remove last |
            prefix_pattern = '(' + prefix_pattern + ')'
            links = r'\b' + prefix_pattern + r'\S*[\w\/\=]|'
            #2nd one: at_least_one_char@at_least_one_char.at_least_one_char
            mail = r'\bmailto:\S*[^\s\W]|' r'\b\S+@\S+\.\S*[^\s\W]'

            #detects eg. *b* *bold* *bold bold* test *bold* *bold*! (*bold*)
            #doesn't detect (it's a feature :P) * bold* *bold * * bold * test*bold*
            formatting = r'|(?<!\w)' r'\*[^\s*]' r'([^*]*[^\s*])?' r'\*(?!\w)|'\
                  r'(?<!\w|<)' r'/[^\s/]' r'([^/]*[^\s/])?' r'/(?!\w)|'\
                  r'(?<!\w)' r'_[^\s_]' r'([^_]*[^\s_])?' r'_(?!\w)'

            basic_pattern = links + mail
            if gajim.config.get('ascii_formatting'):
                  basic_pattern += formatting
            self.basic_pattern_re = sre.compile(basic_pattern, sre.IGNORECASE)
            emoticons_pattern = ''
            if gajim.config.get('emoticons_theme'):
                  # When an emoticon is bordered by an alpha-numeric character it is NOT
                  # expanded.  e.g., foo:) NO, foo :) YES, (brb) NO, (:)) YES, etc.
                  # We still allow multiple emoticons side-by-side like :P:P:P
                  # sort keys by length so :qwe emot is checked before :q
                  keys = self.emoticons.keys()
                  emoticons_pattern_prematch = ''
                  emoticons_pattern_postmatch = ''
                  emoticon_length = 0
                  for emoticon in keys: # travel thru emoticons list
                        emoticon_escaped = sre.escape(emoticon) # espace regexp metachars
                        emoticons_pattern += emoticon_escaped + '|'# | means or in regexp
                        if (emoticon_length != len(emoticon)):
                              # Build up expressions to match emoticons next to other emoticons
                              emoticons_pattern_prematch  = emoticons_pattern_prematch[:-1]  + ')|(?<='
                              emoticons_pattern_postmatch = emoticons_pattern_postmatch[:-1] + ')|(?='
                              emoticon_length = len(emoticon)
                        emoticons_pattern_prematch += emoticon_escaped  + '|'
                        emoticons_pattern_postmatch += emoticon_escaped + '|'
                  # We match from our list of emoticons, but they must either have
                  # whitespace, or another emoticon next to it to match successfully
                  # [\w.] alphanumeric and dot (for not matching 8) in (2.8))
                  emoticons_pattern = '|' + \
                        '(?:(?<![\w.]' + emoticons_pattern_prematch[:-1]   + '))' + \
                        '(?:'       + emoticons_pattern[:-1]            + ')'  + \
                        '(?:(?![\w.]'  + emoticons_pattern_postmatch[:-1]  + '))'
            # because emoticons match later (in the string) they need to be after
            # basic matches that may occur earlier
            emot_and_basic_pattern = basic_pattern + emoticons_pattern
            self.emot_and_basic_re = sre.compile(emot_and_basic_pattern, sre.IGNORECASE)
            # at least one character in 3 parts (before @, after @, after .)
            self.sth_at_sth_dot_sth_re = sre.compile(r'\S+@\S+\.\S*[^\s)?]')
            sre.purge() # clear the regular expression cache

      def on_emoticon_sort(self, emot1, emot2):
            len1 = len(emot1)
            len2 = len(emot2)
            if len1 < len2:
                  return 1
            elif len1 > len2:
                  return -1
            return 0

      def on_launch_browser_mailer(self, widget, url, kind):
            helpers.launch_browser_mailer(kind, url)

      def popup_emoticons_under_button(self, button, parent_win):
            ''' pops emoticons menu under button, located in parent_win'''
                  button, parent_win)
      def prepare_emoticons_menu(self):
            menu = gtk.Menu()
            def emoticon_clicked(w, str_):
                  if self.emoticon_menuitem_clicked:
                        # don't keep reference to CB of object
                        # this will prevent making it uncollectable
                        self.emoticon_menuitem_clicked = None
            def selection_done(widget):
                  # remove reference to CB of object, which will
                  # make it uncollectable
                  self.emoticon_menuitem_clicked = None
            counter = 0
            # Calculate the side lenght of the popup to make it a square
            size = int(round(math.sqrt(len(gajim.interface.emoticons_images))))
            for image in gajim.interface.emoticons_images:
                  item = gtk.MenuItem()
                  img = gtk.Image()
                  if type(image[1]) == gtk.gdk.PixbufAnimation:
                  item.connect('activate', emoticon_clicked, image[0])
                  #FIXME: add tooltip with ascii
                  menu.attach(item, counter % size, counter % size + 1,
                        counter / size, counter / size + 1)
                  counter += 1
            menu.connect('selection-done', selection_done)
            return menu

      def init_emoticons(self):
            if not gajim.config.get('emoticons_theme'):

            #initialize emoticons dictionary and unique images list
            self.emoticons_images = list()
            self.emoticons = dict()

            emot_theme = gajim.config.get('emoticons_theme')
            if not emot_theme:
            path = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'emoticons', emot_theme)
            if not os.path.exists(path):
                  # It's maybe a user theme
                  path = os.path.join(gajim.MY_EMOTS_PATH, emot_theme)
                  if not os.path.exists(path): # theme doesn't exist
            from emoticons import emoticons as emots
            for emot in emots:
                  emot_file = os.path.join(path, emots[emot])
                  if not self.image_is_ok(emot_file):
                  # This avoids duplicated emoticons with the same image eg. :) and :-)
                  if not emot_file in self.emoticons.values():
                        if emot_file.endswith('.gif'):
                              pix = gtk.gdk.PixbufAnimation(emot_file)
                              pix = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(emot_file)
                        self.emoticons_images.append((emot, pix))
                  self.emoticons[emot.upper()] = emot_file
            del emots
            if self.emoticons_menu:
            self.emoticons_menu = self.prepare_emoticons_menu()
      def register_handlers(self):
            self.handlers = {
                  'ROSTER': self.handle_event_roster,
                  'WARNING': self.handle_event_warning,
                  'ERROR': self.handle_event_error,
                  'INFORMATION': self.handle_event_information,
                  'ERROR_ANSWER': self.handle_event_error_answer,
                  'STATUS': self.handle_event_status,
                  'NOTIFY': self.handle_event_notify,
                  'MSG': self.handle_event_msg,
                  'MSGERROR': self.handle_event_msgerror,
                  'MSGSENT': self.handle_event_msgsent,
                  'SUBSCRIBED': self.handle_event_subscribed,
                  'UNSUBSCRIBED': self.handle_event_unsubscribed,
                  'SUBSCRIBE': self.handle_event_subscribe,
                  'AGENT_ERROR_INFO': self.handle_event_agent_info_error,
                  'AGENT_ERROR_ITEMS': self.handle_event_agent_items_error,
                  'AGENT_REMOVED': self.handle_event_agent_removed,
                  'REGISTER_AGENT_INFO': self.handle_event_register_agent_info,
                  'AGENT_INFO_ITEMS': self.handle_event_agent_info_items,
                  'AGENT_INFO_INFO': self.handle_event_agent_info_info,
                  'QUIT': self.handle_event_quit,
                  'ACC_OK': self.handle_event_acc_ok,
                  'ACC_NOT_OK': self.handle_event_acc_not_ok,
                  'MYVCARD': self.handle_event_myvcard,
                  'VCARD': self.handle_event_vcard,
                  'LAST_STATUS_TIME': self.handle_event_last_status_time,
                  'OS_INFO': self.handle_event_os_info,
                  'GC_NOTIFY': self.handle_event_gc_notify,
                  'GC_MSG': self.handle_event_gc_msg,
                  'GC_SUBJECT': self.handle_event_gc_subject,
                  'GC_CONFIG': self.handle_event_gc_config,
                  'GC_INVITATION': self.handle_event_gc_invitation,
                  'GC_AFFILIATION': self.handle_event_gc_affiliation,
                  'BAD_PASSPHRASE': self.handle_event_bad_passphrase,
                  'ROSTER_INFO': self.handle_event_roster_info,
                  'BOOKMARKS': self.handle_event_bookmarks,
                  'CON_TYPE': self.handle_event_con_type,
                  'FILE_REQUEST': self.handle_event_file_request,
                  'GMAIL_NOTIFY': self.handle_event_gmail_notify,
                  'FILE_REQUEST_ERROR': self.handle_event_file_request_error,
                  'FILE_SEND_ERROR': self.handle_event_file_send_error,
                  'STANZA_ARRIVED': self.handle_event_stanza_arrived,
                  'STANZA_SENT': self.handle_event_stanza_sent,
                  'HTTP_AUTH': self.handle_event_http_auth,
                  'VCARD_PUBLISHED': self.handle_event_vcard_published,
                  'VCARD_NOT_PUBLISHED': self.handle_event_vcard_not_published,
                  'ASK_NEW_NICK': self.handle_event_ask_new_nick,
                  'SIGNED_IN': self.handle_event_signed_in,
                  'METACONTACTS': self.handle_event_metacontacts,
            gajim.handlers = self.handlers

      def process_connections(self):
            ''' called each foo (200) miliseconds. Check for idlequeue timeouts.
            return True # renew timeout (loop for ever)

      def save_config(self):
            err_str = parser.write()
            if err_str is not None:
                  print >> sys.stderr, err_str
                  # it is good to notify the user
                  # in case he or she cannot see the output of the console
                  dialogs.ErrorDialog(_('Could not save your settings and preferences'),

      def handle_event(self, account, jid, typ):
            w = None
            fjid = jid
            resource = gajim.get_resource_from_jid(jid)
            jid = gajim.get_jid_without_resource(jid)
            if typ == message_control.TYPE_GC:
                  w = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(jid, account)
            elif typ == message_control.TYPE_CHAT:
                  if self.msg_win_mgr.has_window(fjid, account):
                        w = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(fjid, account)
                        contact = gajim.contacts.get_contact(account, jid, resource)
                        if isinstance(contact, list):
                              contact = gajim.contacts.get_first_contact_from_jid(account, jid)
                        self.roster.new_chat(contact, account, resource = resource)
                        w = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(fjid, account)
                        gajim.last_message_time[account][jid] = 0 # long time ago
            elif typ == message_control.TYPE_PM:
                  if self.msg_win_mgr.has_window(fjid, account):
                        w = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(fjid, account)
                        room_jid = jid
                        nick = resource
                        gc_contact = gajim.contacts.get_gc_contact(account, room_jid,
                        if gc_contact:
                              show = gc_contact.show
                              show = 'offline'
                              gc_contact = gajim.contacts.create_gc_contact(room_jid = room_jid,
                                    name = nick, show = show)
                        c = gajim.contacts.contact_from_gc_contact(gc_contact)
                        self.roster.new_chat(c, account, private_chat = True)
                        w = self.msg_win_mgr.get_window(fjid, account)
            elif typ in ('normal', 'file-request', 'file-request-error',
                  'file-send-error', 'file-error', 'file-stopped', 'file-completed'):
                  # Get the first single message event
                  ev = gajim.get_first_event(account, jid, typ)
                  # Open the window
                  self.roster.open_event(account, jid, ev)
            elif typ == 'gmail':
                  if gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account, 'savepass'):
                        url = ('http://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth?service=mail&Email=%s&Passwd=%s&continue=https://mail.google.com/mail') %\
                        (urllib.quote(gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account, 'name')),
                        urllib.quote(gajim.config.get_per('accounts', account, 'password')))
                        url = ('http://mail.google.com/')
                  helpers.launch_browser_mailer('url', url)
            elif typ == 'gc-invitation':
                  ev = gajim.get_first_event(account, jid, typ)
                  data = ev[1]
                  dialogs.InvitationReceivedDialog(account, data[0], jid, data[2],
                  self.remove_first_event(account, jid, typ)
            if w:
                  w.set_active_tab(fjid, account)
                  ctrl = w.get_control(fjid, account)
                  # Using isinstance here because we want to catch all derived types
                  if isinstance(ctrl, ChatControlBase):
                        tv = ctrl.conv_textview

      def __init__(self):
            gajim.interface = self
            # This is the manager and factory of message windows set by the module
            self.msg_win_mgr = None
            self.emoticons_menu = None
            # handler when an emoticon is clicked in emoticons_menu
            self.emoticon_menuitem_clicked = None
            self.default_values = {
                  'inmsgcolor': gajim.config.get('inmsgcolor'),
                  'outmsgcolor': gajim.config.get('outmsgcolor'),
                  'statusmsgcolor': gajim.config.get('statusmsgcolor'),
                  'urlmsgcolor': gajim.config.get('urlmsgcolor'),

            # Do not set gajim.verbose to False if -v option was given
            if gajim.config.get('verbose'):
                  gajim.verbose = True
            #add default status messages if there is not in the config file
            if len(gajim.config.get_per('statusmsg')) == 0:
                  for msg in gajim.config.statusmsg_default:
                        gajim.config.add_per('statusmsg', msg)
                        gajim.config.set_per('statusmsg', msg, 'message', 
            #add default themes if there is not in the config file
            theme = gajim.config.get('roster_theme')
            if not theme in gajim.config.get_per('themes'):
                  gajim.config.set('roster_theme', 'gtk+')
            if len(gajim.config.get_per('themes')) == 0:
                  d = ['accounttextcolor', 'accountbgcolor', 'accountfont',
                        'accountfontattrs', 'grouptextcolor', 'groupbgcolor', 'groupfont',
                        'groupfontattrs', 'contacttextcolor', 'contactbgcolor', 
                        'contactfont', 'contactfontattrs', 'bannertextcolor',
                  default = gajim.config.themes_default
                  for theme_name in default:
                        gajim.config.add_per('themes', theme_name)
                        theme = default[theme_name]
                        for o in d:
                              gajim.config.set_per('themes', theme_name, o,
            if gajim.config.get('autodetect_browser_mailer'):

            if gajim.verbose:
            # pygtk2.8 on win, breaks io_add_watch. We use good old select.select()
            if os.name == 'nt' and (gtk.pygtk_version > (2, 8, 0) or 
                  gtk.gtk_version > (2, 8, 0)):
                  gajim.idlequeue = idlequeue.SelectIdleQueue()
                  # in a nongui implementation, just call:
                  # gajim.idlequeue = IdleQueue() , and
                  # gajim.idlequeue.process() each foo miliseconds
                  gajim.idlequeue = GlibIdleQueue()
            # resolve and keep current record of resolved hosts
            gajim.resolver = nslookup.Resolver(gajim.idlequeue)
            gajim.socks5queue = socks5.SocksQueue(gajim.idlequeue,
            gajim.proxy65_manager = proxy65_manager.Proxy65Manager(gajim.idlequeue)
            for account in gajim.config.get_per('accounts'):
                  gajim.connections[account] = common.connection.Connection(account)
            gtk.about_dialog_set_email_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'mail')
            gtk.about_dialog_set_url_hook(self.on_launch_browser_mailer, 'url')
            self.instances = {'logs': {}}
            for a in gajim.connections:
                  self.instances[a] = {'infos': {}, 'disco': {}, 'chats': {},
                        'gc': {}, 'gc_config': {}}
                  gajim.groups[a] = {}
                  gajim.gc_connected[a] = {}
                  gajim.newly_added[a] = []
                  gajim.to_be_removed[a] = []
                  gajim.awaiting_events[a] = {}
                  gajim.nicks[a] = gajim.config.get_per('accounts', a, 'name')
                  gajim.block_signed_in_notifications[a] = True
                  gajim.sleeper_state[a] = 0
                  gajim.encrypted_chats[a] = []
                  gajim.last_message_time[a] = {}
                  gajim.status_before_autoaway[a] = ''

            self.roster = roster_window.RosterWindow()
            if gajim.config.get('remote_control'):
                        import remote_control
                        self.remote_ctrl = remote_control.Remote()
                        self.remote_ctrl = None
                  self.remote_ctrl = None

            self.show_vcard_when_connect = []

            path_to_file = os.path.join(gajim.DATA_DIR, 'pixmaps/gajim.png')
            pix = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(path_to_file)
            gtk.window_set_default_icon(pix) # set the icon to all newly opened windows
            self.roster.window.set_icon_from_file(path_to_file) # and to roster window
            self.sleeper = common.sleepy.Sleepy(
                  gajim.config.get('autoawaytime') * 60, # make minutes to seconds
                  gajim.config.get('autoxatime') * 60)

            self.systray_enabled = False
            self.systray_capabilities = False
            if os.name == 'nt':
                        import systraywin32
                  except: # user doesn't have trayicon capabilities
                        self.systray_capabilities = True
                        self.systray = systraywin32.SystrayWin32()
                  self.systray_capabilities = systray.HAS_SYSTRAY_CAPABILITIES
                  if self.systray_capabilities:
                      self.systray = systray.Systray()

            if self.systray_capabilities and gajim.config.get('trayicon'):

            # get instances for windows/dialogs that will show_all()/hide()
            self.instances['file_transfers'] = dialogs.FileTransfersWindow()

            gobject.timeout_add(100, self.autoconnect)
            gobject.timeout_add(200, self.process_connections)
            gobject.timeout_add(500, self.read_sleepy)

if __name__ == '__main__':
      signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_DFL) # ^C exits the application

      if os.name != 'nt':
            # Session Management support
                  import gnome.ui
            except ImportError:
                  print >> sys.stderr, _('Session Management support not available (missing gnome.ui module)')
                  def die_cb(cli):
                  gnome.program_init('gajim', gajim.version)
                  cli = gnome.ui.master_client()
                  cli.connect('die', die_cb)
                  path_to_gajim_script = gtkgui_helpers.get_abspath_for_script('gajim')
                  if path_to_gajim_script:
                        argv = [path_to_gajim_script]
                        # FIXME: remove this typeerror catch when gnome python is old and
                        # not bad patched by distro men [2.12.0 + should not need all that
                        # NORMALLY]
                        except TypeError:
                              cli.set_restart_command(len(argv), argv)
      # Migrate old logs if we have such olds logs
      from common import logger
      from migrate_logs_to_dot9_db import PATH_TO_LOGS_BASE_DIR
      LOG_DB_PATH = logger.LOG_DB_PATH
      if not os.path.exists(LOG_DB_PATH) and os.path.isdir(PATH_TO_LOGS_BASE_DIR):
            import Queue
            q = Queue.Queue(100)
            dialog = dialogs.ProgressDialog(_('Migrating Logs...'),
                        _('Please wait while logs are being migrated...'), q)
            if os.name == 'nt' and gtk.pygtk_version > (2, 8, 0):
                  idlequeue = idlequeue.SelectIdleQueue()
                  idlequeue = GlibIdleQueue()
            def on_result(*arg):
                  dialog.dialog = None
            m = MigrateCommand(on_result)

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