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## common/contacts.py
## Contributors for this file:
##    - Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
## Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                         Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
## Copyright (C) 2005 Yann Le Boulanger <asterix@lagaule.org>
##                    Vincent Hanquez <tab@snarc.org>
##                    Nikos Kouremenos <nkour@jabber.org>
##                    Dimitur Kirov <dkirov@gmail.com>
##                    Travis Shirk <travis@pobox.com>
##                    Norman Rasmussen <norman@rasmussen.co.za>
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
## by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 only.
## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.

import common.gajim

00027 class Contact:
      '''Information concerning each contact'''
      def __init__(self, jid='', name='', groups=[], show='', status='', sub='',
                  ask='', resource='', priority=0, keyID='', our_chatstate=None,
                  chatstate=None, last_status_time=None, msg_id = None, composing_jep = None):
            self.jid = jid
            self.name = name
            self.groups = groups
            self.show = show
            self.status = status
            self.sub = sub
            self.ask = ask
            self.resource = resource
            self.priority = priority
            self.keyID = keyID

            # please read jep-85 http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0085.html
            # we keep track of jep85 support with the peer by three extra states:
            # None, False and 'ask'
            # None if no info about peer
            # False if peer does not support jep85
            # 'ask' if we sent the first 'active' chatstate and are waiting for reply
            # this holds what WE SEND to contact (our current chatstate)
            self.our_chatstate = our_chatstate
            self.msg_id = msg_id
            # tell which JEP we're using for composing state
            # None = have to ask, JEP-0022 = use this jep,
            # JEP-0085 = use this jep, False = no composing support
            self.composing_jep = composing_jep
            # this is contact's chatstate
            self.chatstate = chatstate
            self.last_status_time = last_status_time

      def get_full_jid(self):
            if self.resource:
                  return self.jid + '/' + self.resource
            return self.jid

      def get_shown_name(self):
            if self.name:
                  return self.name
            return self.jid.split('@')[0]

00070 class GC_Contact:
      '''Information concerning each groupchat contact'''
      def __init__(self, room_jid='', name='', show='', status='', role='',
                  affiliation='', jid = '', resource = ''):
            self.room_jid = room_jid
            self.name = name
            self.show = show
            self.status = status
            self.role = role
            self.affiliation = affiliation
            self.jid = jid
            self.resource = resource

      def get_full_jid(self):
            return self.room_jid + '/' + self.name

      def get_shown_name(self):
            return self.name

00089 class Contacts:
      '''Information concerning all contacts and groupchat contacts'''
      def __init__(self):
            self._contacts = {} # list of contacts {acct: {jid1: [C1, C2]}, } one Contact per resource
            self._gc_contacts = {} # list of contacts that are in gc {acct: {room_jid: {nick: C}}}

            # For meta contacts:
            self._metacontacts_tags = {}

      def change_account_name(self, old_name, new_name):
            self._contacts[new_name] = self._contacts[old_name]
            self._gc_contacts[new_name] = self._gc_contacts[old_name]
            self._metacontacts_tags[new_name] = self._metacontacts_tags[old_name]
            del self._contacts[old_name]
            del self._gc_contacts[old_name]
            del self._metacontacts_tags[old_name]

      def add_account(self, account):
            self._contacts[account] = {}
            self._gc_contacts[account] = {}
            if not self._metacontacts_tags.has_key(account):
                  self._metacontacts_tags[account] = {}

      def get_accounts(self):
            return self._contacts.keys()

      def remove_account(self, account):
            del self._contacts[account]
            del self._gc_contacts[account]
            del self._metacontacts_tags[account]

      def create_contact(self, jid='', name='', groups=[], show='', status='',
            sub='', ask='', resource='', priority=0, keyID='', our_chatstate=None,
            chatstate=None, last_status_time=None, composing_jep=None):
            return Contact(jid, name, groups, show, status, sub, ask, resource,
                  priority, keyID, our_chatstate, chatstate, last_status_time,
      def copy_contact(self, contact):
            return self.create_contact(jid = contact.jid, name = contact.name,
                  groups = contact.groups, show = contact.show, status = contact.status,
                  sub = contact.sub, ask = contact.ask, resource = contact.resource,
                  priority = contact.priority, keyID = contact.keyID,
                  our_chatstate = contact.our_chatstate, chatstate = contact.chatstate,
                  last_status_time = contact.last_status_time)

      def add_contact(self, account, contact):
            # No such account before ?
            if not self._contacts.has_key(account):
                  self._contacts[account] = {contact.jid : [contact]}
            # No such jid before ?
            if not self._contacts[account].has_key(contact.jid):
                  self._contacts[account][contact.jid] = [contact]
            contacts = self._contacts[account][contact.jid]
            # We had only one that was offline, remove it
            if len(contacts) == 1 and contacts[0].show == 'offline':
                  # Do not use self.remove_contact: it deteles
                  # self._contacts[account][contact.jid]
            # If same JID with same resource already exists, use the new one
            for c in contacts:
                  if c.resource == contact.resource:
                        self.remove_contact(account, c)

      def remove_contact(self, account, contact):
            if not self._contacts.has_key(account):
            if not self._contacts[account].has_key(contact.jid):
            if contact in self._contacts[account][contact.jid]:
            if len(self._contacts[account][contact.jid]) == 0:
                  del self._contacts[account][contact.jid]

00167       def remove_jid(self, account, jid):
            '''Removes all contacts for a given jid'''
            if not self._contacts.has_key(account):
            if not self._contacts[account].has_key(jid):
            del self._contacts[account][jid]
            # remove metacontacts info
            self.remove_metacontact(account, jid)

00177       def get_contact(self, account, jid, resource = None):
            '''Returns the list of contact instances for this jid (one per resource)
            or [] if no resource is given
            returns the contact instance for the given resource if it's given
            or None if there is not'''
            if jid in self._contacts[account]:
                  contacts = self._contacts[account][jid]
                  if not resource:
                        return contacts
                  for c in contacts:
                        if c.resource == resource:
                              return c
            if resource:
                  return None
            return []

00193       def get_contacts_from_jid(self, account, jid):
            '''we may have two or more resources on that jid'''
            if jid in self._contacts[account]:
                  contacts_instances = self._contacts[account][jid]
                  return contacts_instances
            return []

      def get_highest_prio_contact_from_contacts(self, contacts):
            if not contacts:
                  return None
            prim_contact = contacts[0]
            for contact in contacts[1:]:
                  if int(contact.priority) > int(prim_contact.priority):
                        prim_contact = contact
            return prim_contact

      def get_contact_with_highest_priority(self, account, jid):
            contacts = self.get_contacts_from_jid(account, jid)
            if not contacts and '/' in jid:
                  # jid may be a fake jid, try it
                  room, nick = jid.split('/')
                  contact = self.get_gc_contact(account, room, nick)
                  return contact
            return self.get_highest_prio_contact_from_contacts(contacts)

      def get_first_contact_from_jid(self, account, jid):
            if jid in self._contacts[account]:
                  return self._contacts[account][jid][0]
            return None

      def define_metacontacts(self, account, tags_list):
            self._metacontacts_tags[account] = tags_list

      def get_new_metacontacts_tag(self, jid):
            if not jid in self._metacontacts_tags.keys():
                  return jid
            #FIXME: can this append ?
            assert False

00232       def get_metacontacts_tag(self, account, jid):
            '''Returns the tag of a jid'''
            if not self._metacontacts_tags.has_key(account):
                  return None
            for tag in self._metacontacts_tags[account]:
                  for data in self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag]:
                        if data['jid'] == jid:
                              return tag
            return None

      def add_metacontact(self, brother_account, brother_jid, account, jid):
            tag = self.get_metacontacts_tag(brother_account, brother_jid)
            if not tag:
                  tag = self.get_new_metacontacts_tag(brother_jid)
                  self._metacontacts_tags[brother_account][tag] = [{'jid': brother_jid,
                        'tag': tag}]
                  if brother_account != account:
            # be sure jid has no other tag
            old_tag = self.get_metacontacts_tag(account, jid)
            while old_tag:
                  self.remove_metacontact(account, jid)
                  old_tag = self.get_metacontacts_tag(account, jid)
            if not self._metacontacts_tags[account].has_key(tag):
                  self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag] = [{'jid': jid, 'tag': tag}]
                  self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag].append({'jid': jid,
                        'tag': tag})

      def remove_metacontact(self, account, jid):
            found = None
            for tag in self._metacontacts_tags[account]:
                  for data in self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag]:
                        if data['jid'] == jid:
                              found = data
                  if found:

      def has_brother(self, account, jid):
            for account in self._metacontacts_tags:
                  tag = self.get_metacontacts_tag(account, jid)
                  if tag and len(self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag]) > 1:
                        return True
            return False

00284       def get_metacontacts_jids(self, tag):
            '''Returns all jid for the given tag in the form {acct: [jid1, jid2],.}'''
            answers = {}
            for account in self._metacontacts_tags:
                  if self._metacontacts_tags[account].has_key(tag):
                        answers[account] = []
                        for data in self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag]:
            return answers

00294       def get_metacontacts_family(self, account, jid):
            '''return the family of the given jid, including jid in the form:
            [{'account': acct, 'jid': jid, 'order': order}, ]
            'order' is optional'''
            tag = self.get_metacontacts_tag(account, jid)
            if not tag:
                  return []
            answers = []
            for account in self._metacontacts_tags:
                  if self._metacontacts_tags[account].has_key(tag):
                        for data in self._metacontacts_tags[account][tag]:
                              data['account'] = account
            return answers

00309       def _get_data_score(self, data):
            '''compute thescore of a gived data
            data is {'jid': jid, 'account': account, 'order': order}
            order is optional
            score = (max_order - order)*10000 + is_jabber*priority*10 + status'''
            jid = data['jid']
            account = data['account']
            max_order = 0
            order = 0
            if data.has_key('order'):
                  order = data['order']
            if order:
                  family = self.get_metacontacts_family(account, jid)
                  for data_ in family:
                        if data_.has_key('order') and data_['order'] > max_order:
                              max_order = data_['order']
            contact = self.get_contact_with_highest_priority(account, jid)
            score = (max_order - order)*10000
            if not common.gajim.jid_is_transport(jid):
                  score += contact.priority*10
            score += ['not in roster', 'error', 'offline', 'invisible', 'dnd', 'xa',
                  'away', 'chat', 'online'].index(contact.show)
            return score

00333       def get_metacontacts_big_brother(self, family):
            '''which of the family will be the big brother under wich all
            others will be ?'''
            max_score = 0
            max_data = family[0]
            for data in family:
                  score = self._get_data_score(data)
                  if score > max_score:
                        max_score = score
                        max_data = data
            return max_data

00345       def is_pm_from_jid(self, account, jid):
            '''Returns True if the given jid is a private message jid'''
            if jid in self._contacts[account]:
                  return False
            return True

00351       def is_pm_from_contact(self, account, contact):
            '''Returns True if the given contact is a private message contact'''
            if isinstance(contact, Contact):
                  return False
            return True

      def get_jid_list(self, account):
            return self._contacts[account].keys()

00360       def contact_from_gc_contact(self, gc_contact):
            '''Create a Contact instance from a GC_Contact instance'''
            jid = gc_contact.get_full_jid()
            return Contact(jid = jid, resource = '', name = gc_contact.name,
                  groups = [], show = gc_contact.show, status = gc_contact.status,
                  sub = 'none')

      def create_gc_contact(self, room_jid='', name='', show='', status='',
            role='', affiliation='', jid='', resource=''):
            return GC_Contact(room_jid, name, show, status, role, affiliation, jid,
      def add_gc_contact(self, account, gc_contact):
            # No such account before ?
            if not self._gc_contacts.has_key(account):
                  self._contacts[account] = {gc_contact.room_jid : {gc_contact.name: \
            # No such room_jid before ?
            if not self._gc_contacts[account].has_key(gc_contact.room_jid):
                  self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid] = {gc_contact.name: \
            self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid][gc_contact.name] = \

      def remove_gc_contact(self, account, gc_contact):
            if not self._gc_contacts.has_key(account):
            if not self._gc_contacts[account].has_key(gc_contact.room_jid):
            if not self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid].has_key(
            del self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid][gc_contact.name]
            # It was the last nick in room ?
            if not len(self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid]):
                  del self._gc_contacts[account][gc_contact.room_jid]

      def remove_room(self, account, room_jid):
            if not self._gc_contacts.has_key(account):
            if not self._gc_contacts[account].has_key(room_jid):
            del self._gc_contacts[account][room_jid]

      def get_gc_list(self, account):
            if not self._gc_contacts.has_key(account):
                  return []
            return self._gc_contacts[account].keys()

      def get_nick_list(self, account, room_jid):
            gc_list = self.get_gc_list(account)
            if not room_jid in gc_list:
                  return []
            return self._gc_contacts[account][room_jid].keys()

      def get_gc_contact(self, account, room_jid, nick):
            nick_list = self.get_nick_list(account, room_jid)
            if not nick in nick_list:
                  return None
            return self._gc_contacts[account][room_jid][nick]

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