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common::connection::Connection Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Connection class

Definition at line 48 of file connection.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def account_changed
def ack_subscribed
def ack_unsubscribed
def activate_privacy_rule
def add_caps
def add_sha
def ask_gpg_keys
def ask_gpg_secrete_keys
def build_data_from_dict
def build_http_auth_answer
def build_privacy_rule
def change_gc_nick
def change_password
def change_status
def connect
def connect_and_auth
def connect_and_init
def connect_to_next_host
def disconnect
def disconnect_transfer
def discover_ft_proxies
def discoverInfo
def discoverItems
def dispatch
def gc_set_affiliation
def gc_set_role
def get_affiliation_list
def get_bookmarks
def get_cached_vcard
def get_metacontacts
def get_settings
def get_signed_msg
def get_status
def gpg_passphrase
def is_transfer_stoped
def join_gc
def new_account
def node_to_dict
def parse_data_form
def put_event
def quit
def refuse_authorization
def register_agent
def remove_all_transfers
def remove_transfer
def remove_transfers_for_contact
def request_gc_config
def request_last_status_time
def request_os_info
def request_register_agent_info
def request_subscription
def request_vcard
def save_vcard_to_hd
def select_next_host
def send_agent_status
def send_authorization
def send_file_approval
def send_file_rejection
def send_file_request
def send_gc_affiliation_list
def send_gc_config
def send_gc_message
def send_gc_status
def send_gc_subject
def send_invisible_presence
def send_invite
def send_keepalive
def send_message
def send_motd
def send_socks5_info
def send_stanza
def send_success_connect_reply
def send_vcard
def store_bookmarks
def store_metacontacts
def test_gpg_passphrase
def unregister_account
def unsubscribe
def unsubscribe_agent
def update_contact

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def __on_auth
def _connect_failure
def _connect_success
def _connection_lost
def _continue_invisible
def _disconnectedReconnCB
def _event_dispatcher
def _init_roster
def _on_disconnected
def _on_new_account
def _on_resolve
def _reconnect
def _reconnect_alarm
def _register_handlers

Private Attributes


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